Thursday, August 30, 2012

Took a Long Drive

We took a long drive. We took in the scenery, at least Daddy and I did. Most of the drive, Lina slept, which was good. We saw the sunrise. It was pretty. I do not think that you can see it, probably because the way your car seat is situated. The car seat seem so low, I wonder if you see anything at all lol.
(Morning sunrise)
As we drive over some of the bridges, we saw the skyline of the Manhattan. It so pretty. Lina definitely did not see this because she was sleeping. Most of the morning, you slept for almost four hours.
(Manhattan skyline)
(Lina sleeping)
When you were up and about in the car seat, we passed a lot of trees, houses in the hill, and the beautiful blue sky. You were busy playing with your toys that were attached to the car seat, so Mommy took some pictures for you.
(Lina <3 up and about in car seat, trying to see outside when you are not playing)
(pretty clouds)

After a few hours of being in the car, we stop at a rest stop. It was good to get out of the car, and stretch our legs :) Lina <3 could not wait to jump up from your car seat as soon as I took the seat belts off lol. Oh, a needed diaper change! Mommy always changes you in the car, instead of the public restrooms (eww, yucky germs).
(at a rest stop, time for a picture lol)
Back in the car, and here comes the scenery, but you started to fuss, and got restless. Every few hours, you were given your organic Morning Os (it is like Cheerios) and bottles of breast milk or purified water to eat. Sometimes, you cried really loud and screamed. It was hard to calm you down when you refused your food, breast milk and purified water; when you do not like my singing. Sometimes you would scratch and scratch. Daddy would talk to you and it would work. Or Daddy would put on soothing music on the radio.
(hill of trees)
(mountain in the background)
Almost home, we saw the sunset :) Of course Lina <3, you were sleeping. It was good thing that you were sleeping because you had become really restless, and fussy during the drive back home. And it took almost a long time for you to fall asleep. 
Overall, Lina <3 was good during the rides going but coming home was a tough one because she was overtired and tired of being her car seat. We did make some stops but it was not enough for you. Yay, our first long drive! Lina <3, you did well !

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