Friday, August 31, 2012

A Very Needy Lina

I think separation anxiety is starting to kick in more and more. Every time Mommy is out of your sight, you cry very loudly but not for long because I come right back to your side. You get restless if Mommy is not around. You should know that Mommy is never too far away. Mommy understands that this is something you must go through and will try to make this as easy as possible for you. I  do not leave for very long, few minutes at best and if it is longer, Daddy is always there to watch you. Daddy always said that whenever Mommy is not there with you, you look frantically for me, or look constantly at the direction where I had walked off in. It is so cute and Mommy feel so love.

Besides crying for me when I am not there, you also want to be held all the time. Once Daddy or I pick you for a few minutes and put you down, you cry to be held again. Sometimes it is fine for Daddy or I to hold you for a longer period of time but other times, it is hard because we want to do stuff, and let you play on your own. Playing on your own is not a concept that you grasp easily. After a few minutes of playing by yourself, you look around the room and see Daddy or Mommy and come right to us to play. Playing by yourself in crib is fun for you, and can play by self longer than on the floors.

You are so needy lately. It is tiresome but nothing Mommy can not handle because Mommy loves the time we spend together, either crying, playing, holding you, smiling, or laughing. You demand constant attention from us, particularly from Mommy (since I am home with you all day). I hope that you will learn to play on your own easier, and know that Mommy is always here for you. Mommy loves my needy Lina <3


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