Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tackling the Playground

Lina <3, you went on the slides for the first time. Mommy was right there with you, sliding down the slides with you. I had let slide you down the slides by yourself and you cried hysterically for a few minutes even after Mommy picked you up. After the slides, we climbed and jumped around. You did enjoyed watching the children play on the playground.

Regular Slide
(getting ready to slide down)
(going down the slide)

Bumpy Slide
(uh-oh, bumpy slide here we come)
(ow for Mommy, bumpy slides hurt Mommy, but Lina <3 had fun as Mommy slid down and said "wee wee")

Climbing with Mommy's help
(trying to climb like a big girl)
(posing for a picture)

Jumping with Mommy's help
(Up Up Lina <3 goes)
(Bouncy, bouncy)
(Lina <3 laughing)

Lina <3 likes being in the playground. We  should go more often but unfortunately, we do not have one close by to go daily.  You love being outdoors. Being at home too much makes you restless. Okay Lina <3 we'll have Daddy go out with us on the weekends :)

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