Thursday, August 30, 2012

Refusing to Eat Food

You love to eat food. For the past 3 weeks, you have been refusing your solids-sweet potatoes, broccoli, baby cereal, carrots...etc (all foods are organic and to see more about Lina's <3 eating habits/food check out this post). You went from eating solids to just eating your organic Morning Os (like Cheerios) three times a day. Every time a spoonful of food came close to your mouth, you shut your mouth, and your head shakes back and forth. Mommy fed you your Morning Os by putting it in your mouth with my hand.. Sometimes you even refuse that. The good thing was that you were not losing any weight, at least it does not seem like it. Mommy breast fed you round the clock to compensate for the lack of solids in your diet, almost every 2-3 hours. You are drinking water, sometimes.

This past week, you are trying your solids again. First the baby cereal, still no :( Then carrots- noo... Peas- no... you shake your head back and forth, keep your mouth shut, and refuse to open it. I had tried dancing the spoonful of food around your face and touching your mouth, and not touching your mouth...still not eating...We switch your meal time from eating by yourself to eating with us during mealtime... just ate a spoonful or two and that's it... Daddy tried feeding you-still no go... Then with the sweet potatoes, Mommy had an idea to ball up the sweet potatoes and feed you with my hand to see if you will eat, and yes, you did eat for the first day; tried that again the next day, and it did not work lol. Another idea, I decided to feed you your Morning Os with the spoon and you took it, and slowly introducing you back to your spoon (that will be filled with food).

Right now, you are eating a little by little. Daddy and I are happy. Mommy tried not to force feed you as much as possible because I was afraid that you were not getting enough to eat with just breast milk. The important thing was that you did not seem to be losing weight. I wonder why you are choosing not to eat. Is it the teething? Or you trying to be difficult? Or because you can refuse your food?

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