Saturday, August 11, 2012

Letting You Cry It Out...

Yes, my baby, Mommy is letting you cry it out when you go to sleep, rather it is nap times during the day, or bedtime at night. Today, Mommy let you cry it out and it was sad, but it is the best way to let you go to sleep. Sometimes, it is so hard for you to go to sleep (either during the day or at nighttime). Even rocking you, feeding you, singing to you, and walking around with you does not help, so letting you cry is best way.   Mommy prepares you to go to sleep by moisturizing, and wipe down the whole body and mouth, then put you in the crib, pats your back, and say "Mommy loves you, now go to sleep". And the crying beginnings, today the crying was not so hysterical. Go in the room after a few minutes, and try to soothe you and say "Mommy loves you, now go to sleep" while patting your back. Eventually you falls asleep, usually after 10 minutes. You never cry for more than 10 minutes and Mommy is always  nearby. Sometimes you do take longer to fall asleep and end you playing inside the crib with your toys or the things around your crib instead of sleeping (which is fun watching you from the crack in the doorway and so cute!!).

Mommy hopes that it is the right thing to do. Today was not first day Mommy let you cry but it certainly felt like it. It so hard hearing cry and cry or scream. It is heartbreaking. It feels like you are suffering but Mommy know that you will be okay and just want to sleep and do not fall asleep easily. Your Daddy can not tolerate the screaming and crying out loud, and sometimes he comes and gets you (like this afternoon, lol) Mommy's tolerance level is a better than Daddy's, so Mommy lets you cry it out. Sometimes, Mommy find that it is easier deal with your crying if there's laundry or chores to do. 

Should Mommy let you be you? Sleep when you want, (almost every 3 hours or so), eat when you want (almost 4-5hours), and play when you want to play. Even letting you be you is difficult because everything is a different day. You and I just need to take it one day at a time, and we'll be just fine, right?

P.S. To my baby:::::when you read this in the future, do not be upset about this post, or even find it surprising that Mommy would do this to you. Know that Mommy loves you and would do anything for you. Muah (kisses)::::::Mommy

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