Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kitchen Fun

It is always fun having Lina<3 with me when I need to do chores such as cooking or the laundry. Tonight, Mommy was cooking dinner and you did not want to play by yourself and was restless so into the kitchen you go. You tried to "help" Mommy cook dinner, sort of, lol. You played on the floor, or I had hoped but you ended up being at the bottom of Mommy's feet. I gave you pots, pans, and utensils to play with but the noise from the cover of the pan scared you, and you did not want to play with it after that. Back to Mommy's feet, you went, until you discovered that you can open the bottom cabinet's doors which you are not suppose to play with. Mommy constantly had to redirect you to play with something else. You even played with the garbage can, and tried to eat and lick it, lol. Of course, Mommy was like "No, it is not a toy". Mommy managed to finished cooking, and kept you busy. It only took a little more than an hour and only had to picked you up twice.
My little Lina<3 loves being with Mommy, where Mommy goes, Lina<3 goes. So Mommy cooks, Lina<3 "cooks" as well, lol.

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