Thursday, January 31, 2013

End of the Month January 2013

Wow Lina<3, we are almost through with the first month of 2013. You are now 14 months. Lina<3 haven't made any New Year's Resolutions, because you can not talk or verbalize what you want to do for 2013. Instead you will just show Daddy and I, what you will do this year through your milestones as you continue to grow, explore, be a brat, be a little princess, be my daughter, be my little Lina<3 :) Mommy will help you by providing a safe environment for you to explore and by providing you with all the necessary toys/books/accessories you would want to.
Mommy loves you and it has been a good start into 2013.

Lina's Slideshow sidebar...

Mommy always wanted a slideshow sidebar for your blog and finally found it, while exploring other mommy blogs (thank you, M.O.M aka My Other Me whom I found from Blasian Baby Notes Daniel's 365). It includes all the pictures that is already posted in this blog, so it makes it easier to view the pictures. Mommy hopes that you will enjoy it later on.

Please refer to the top right hand side for Lina's Slideshow. "To the right, To the right, everything you own is in the box to the right" (Mommy knows that song goes "to the left, to the left, everything you own is in the box to the left").

If there are any suggestions about how to make Lina's<3 blog better, please leave in comment sections. Thank you :)


Lina<3, you had been poking and pinching Mommy for weeks now. I knew that it was something new that you were trying but did not realize that poking and pinching could develop your fine motor skills. The way you pinch hurts and leaves marks on Mommy, ow (when Mommy says "ow" it makes you laugh and do it again). You poke hard as well. Most of the time you poke Mommy and sometimes Daddy.
Read all about it from the BabyCenter article below:
Last updated: March 2012
  Toddlers are sensualists above all else — they love to smell, taste, and touch. If you give your child plenty of fun-to-feel materials to keep her little hands busy, she'll have a great time developing their strength and agility.
Nontoxic modeling clay invites hand and finger movement as your child rolls, shapes, punches, and molds the material to her liking. A few simple tools, such as a lightweight rolling pin and some plastic cookie cutters, stretch this activity out longer. If your toddler seems reluctant, try a few different products — she may not like the smell of one or the feel of another.
The softer the dough, the easier it is for small hands to shape. Real edible dough is, of course, the ultimate treat, so when you bake, give her some leftover dough to shape into her own "pie" and cook it with yours. (If baking isn't something you have much chance to do, check out the frozen dough in the freezer section of your grocery store.)
Don't forget "gak," the gooey preschool favorite made from equal parts white glue and water (often colored with food coloring), which kids just love to squish and squeeze.
Outside (or in the basement, if you have a big one), a mud pie kitchen or a sandcastle construction zone creates opportunities to use those same manipulative skills. As your toddler molds a tower and carefully tops it with a feather, she won't even realize she's honing her fine motor skills — but you will!
Get more ideas for helping your toddler develop fine motor skills.

Disagreeable Day

Yesterday was a very disagreeable day for you, Lina<3. You woke up crying and you went to sleep with some fuss. You have developed this whiny, and needy crying whenever things do not go your way. I hope that it does not develop into anything more later on.

The day started out with you waking up earlier than your usual time (9-10am) at 7:30am from not sleeping through the night and was up for an hour and half at night time. You woke up crying, and being fussy. Mommy hoped that you would fall back asleep in my arms in my bed, but you did not. I had placed all your stuff animals and toy phone on bed with us, so you can play with it but you saw Mommy's phone that  you kept reaching for. Even fussed when you could not reach the phone. After you stop fussing a little, Mommy let you play the phone (which has a great feature of Kids Corner). For breakfast, Mommy prepared a bottle of soy milk with cereal for you, and all you wanted to do was point to your cabinet where your snacks was stored and then did a whiny cry/scream you were pointing. After you ate your breakfast, you calmed down a little bit until you saw Mommy eating breakfast and wanted it too. So back to the whiny scream/cry. Mommy tried to ignore your behavior as much as possible as a way to discourage the behavior. There's are some distractions that kept you calm, by playing with some of your toys, scribbling with your crayons. It does not last long. With the whiny crying/screaming/whimpers, there was also a lot of scratching. When Mommy tells you to stop scratching, it made you even more disagreeable, and more whiny. Mommy played with you and that kept your attention and stopped the fussiness.

Getting ready for nap time was a struggle with the scratching, whining, and crying. You did not sleep long, about an hour and half. You woke from your nap, crying. After lunch, we went for a walk outside in the driveway and went up the block. When I said, we went for a walk, I meant that we both walked. You walked up the block with Mommy :). But it was a struggle trying to get you to turn back around to go back home. You struggled when Mommy held your hand and tried lead you back toward home (more like pulling you, lol but you are awfully strong). You fussed so Mommy picked you up and walked toward home. When you had calmed down, Mommy put you down to walk again. Walking the rest of way home was less eventful.

In the evening-Let the whining and scratching begin! Ahh! Mommy had a headache. Mommy ignoring your whiny cry/screams was not doing the trick. Mommy playing with you was getting a little boring to you (I think) because you were just not satisfied (even with all your snacks). You calmed down a little bit when Daddy came home and entertained you. By dinnertime, you were quieter and less fussy. By bedtime, it was okay, you went right to to sleep. 

Such is life...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

All Things Chinese sidebar

With Lina<3 being half Chinese, your Daddy and I feel that it is important that you learn the Chinese culutre with the holidays that we will celebrate, Chinese childrenn songs that Mommy will learn to  sing to you and to teach you, and speaking Chinese which Mommy will do to help you develop the language so that when you go to Chinese school (yes my little one, you will go when you are of age), you'll have some grasp of it.

With that being said, Mommy had introduced a new sidebar, on the lower right hand side of the blog called "All Things Chinese-Education, Music and Fun". I hope that you will find it interesting when you get older. There is hope that the list will grow as you grow :)
Below is the listing for "All Things Chinese-Education, Music and Fun"  

If the site does not work by clicking on it, please make a note on the comment section below. Also, the All Things Chinese-Education, Music, Fun  sidebar is always available on the lower right hand side of the blog.  Mommy understands that by saying “All Things Chinese” is not politically correct, so for your information, the sidebar will include all things Asian as well.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

you and Daddy

Lina<3, Mommy got to sleep in a little bit this morning because your Daddy took care of you. Daddy wiped you down, moisturized, changed of clothes, put you on potty chair, diaper changed, and brush your hair. Breakfast for you was made by Daddy. You had a good time with Daddy and you woke up in a very good mood. Mommy did not hear you cry at all.

It was certainty nice for Daddy to do this for Mommy, as it has been a while since he last changed your diaper, lol. Daddy loves to brush your hair, and thinks that he styles, and brushes your hair better than I do, lol. When it comes to putting clothes on you, it is a little bit of a struggle, as he always feels that he does not know what to put on you.

Mommy did not sleep in for very long...when I am awaken, I like to stay in bed and just listen to you interacting with Daddy, and Daddy talking to you and making you laugh. You two are Mommy's two favorite people in the whole wide world :) I love my two baby, (that is my little Lina<3 and Daddy)...muah (kiss)


The weather the past week has been cold, cold and cold. It was frigid, Lina<3. It was too cold for my little baby to go out. It was too cold, and cloudy for our daily walks around the neighborhood. At times, you would stare out the window in the living room (especially when the sun was shining through the window) and I assume that you are wondering when you'll be able to go outside again. Do not worry my baby, the forecast said that it will be nicer this week coming, at least the temperature is rising a little bit.

What to do when you are home for so long? when you are getting bored of your toys? New games and new places to play. Usually your play routine involves the entire downstairs, but this week we switched  it up. You played downstairs, and upstairs, a few hours here and there. You got to play in Mommy's bedroom a lot which you love, especially Mommy's bed. In Mommy's bed, you love to toss yourself around, walk on it, dance on it, crawled, giggled, laughed, and sit on pillows or your toys. While upstairs, you also like to play in the hallways, as it allows you to go from room to room to room; Mommy's room, your room, then back to Mommy's room. Sometimes, you play peek a boo by the doorway, and it is so cute. You play peek a boo very well, you understand the element of surprise. You played on the floor, you played with the draws (as well as learn the concept of open and closing things). While downstairs, you still love to be chase by Mommy, play on your favorite couch. We played a new game which we will call "follow the light", with a flash light, and lights off. You followed the flashlight up and down, and all around, while Mommy says "where did the light go", "is it here or there", "where is it", "oh look over here", and "look". Mommy taught you to step on the light it was spotted on the floor, lol (as you do like step on things). I will also let you hold the flashlight which is a little hard for you, as it is heavy and we do not want it to fall on your piggies (that's what I call your toes, lol). You are loving story time, either with me or by yourself. Time for jumbo crayons with large drawing paper, regular paper, notebook baby, and notepad paper. You are learning to scribble but most of the time, you just enjoy playing the box of crayon; and putting the crayon in the box and out of the box.

Mommy loves being home with you, and spend quality time together. Mommy also like doing things with you outside of the house, so let's hope that the weather this week is nice enough, okay?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Easily Frustrated

My baby Lina<3 is now consider a toddler. You grew up so fast, and beginning to learn so many new things. What is new with you as you approach 14 months, you are learning to do things on your own. You like to do things on your own but sometimes it is hard which gets you frustrated, and look for Mommy to help.

You like to drink with your sippy cup and put it back on the edge of the kitchen table where you took it from. You always make sure that when you put your sippy cup right side up on the table. There are times when it is a harder to put your cup right side up and you get easily frustrated. However you do not give up and you kept trying until the cup was right side up. After you are done, I applauded your success.

There has been numerous times, the past few days where you are trying to take off your sweater by yourself. It is always a struggle because you can unzip the zipper and the bring the sweater off your shoulders. The sleeves of the sweater is a harder, and you get frustrated when you can not get it off by shaking the sweater off. Lol, it is the cutest thing watching you do that, watching you shake your arms, hoping the sweater will come right off. You look to Mommy for help after struggling for a while, and cheeks are all flushed, and Mommy help you by taking off one of the sleeves for you, so you can finish what you do are doing.

Mommy likes the fact that you are beginning to learn how to be independent and self sufficient. It is a milestone and Mommy is proud of you! You will continue to more and more things. Mommy will always be here to help you, even when you are a preteen, teenager, young adult and adult.

New Foods

Last week, the new food is tofu (organic Nasoya extra firm), which you did not like at all. Mommy had sauteed it with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, ginger, and Asian black bean sauce. Then it was blended up finely in a blender. You did not like it at all. This week Mommy cooked the tofu the same way, and left it cubed. The chopped tofu was mixed with brown rice, and you actually ate it. It seemed like you enjoyed it. Tonight, you ate almost a half a bowlful. Since you do allergies to soybeans, I need to be cautious of the soy products that is given to you. So far, I have not seen any reactions to the tofu. Yeah! A new food item that you actually eat.

Blueberry puree last week was hit :) You enjoyed it very much. Even mixed with your dinner a couple of time so you can eat your dinner. I know that sounds weird but sometimes, Mommy have to come up with different ways to make you eat your lunch or dinner.

Strawberry-you tried it twice already and you seemed to tolerate it. I am uncertain if you like it or not. The important thing is that were no allergic reactions to it. Mommy will continue to give some strawberries this weekend.
Can't wait til you try all the berries, so Mommy can make smoothies and smoothie pops for your in the summer time :) I am so excited. So Lina<3 please like the berries.

Slept Through the NIght

Lina<3 you finally slept through your night. Last night was the first night that you slept for the entire night. Yeah!! I am so happy. You did wake up for a little while in the middle of night but there was need to check on you because you fell back to sleep on your own. I believe that you slept so well because of  the dose of antihistamine (a doctor's prescription). Since the day you were born, you had not sleep the through the night, not at the hospital or at home. In your co-sleeper cot on our bed, you did not sleep well and woke up every few hours for feedings. You were a newborn then and it was a given that you would not sleep through the night.

Daddy and I hope that going forward, you will continue to sleep through the night. The more you sleep is good for your development. Of course, it is good for Daddy and Mommy too-you sleep and we sleep.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Getting rid of Pesticides...

Lina<3, you have been been eating organic foods since you started eating solids. Everything was homemade from organic produce. At times, Mommy does buys non organic foods, I always make sure that all produce are washed thorough in running water. 
Then, Mommy started to use this cleaning spray recipe from The Dr. Oz show.

"Eating organic fruits and vegetables is the safest way to ensure that your food is pesticide-free. Although great for your body, going solely organic can be tough on your wallet. Try this spray solution for a cost-effective way to remove pesticides from your produce.

The vinegar in this spray has natural anti-bacterial properties, while the lemon juice is a natural astringent. The solution works to both breakdown and clean off pesticides."

1 cup water
1 cup distilled white vinegar
1 tbsp baking soda
1/2 of a lemon

Combine all ingredients in a large container. Transfer to a spray bottle with a pump. Spray mixture on produce and let sit for 5 minutes. Scrub and rinse.

Also, Mommy realizes that non organic foods have so much pesticides in it and we (not just the babies, but everyone) should all be extra careful and try to eat healthier to live longer

Here's a list of food that have the most pesticides in it: 
"According to the Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit group that analyzes the results of government pesticide testing in the U.S., these are the 12 fruits and vegetables with the highest pesticide levels, in order from most to least:
  1. Celery
  2. Peaches
  3. Strawberries
  4. Apples
  5. Blueberries
  6. Nectarines
  7. Bell Peppers
  8. Spinach
  9. Cherries
  10. Kale/Collard Greens
  11. Potatoes
  12. Grapes (Imported)
© 2009 Environmental Working Group. Adapted with permission.
If you don't want to buy organic food, there are other steps you can take to lower the amount of pesticides on your food:
  • Wash raw fruits and vegetables under running water before eating them. Use a scrub brush when it will not bruise the food. Otherwise rub the food by hand to clean it.
  • Peel apples, pears, and peaches, especially before you give them to children.
Remember that eating nonorganic fruits and vegetables, even those with higher pesticide levels, is better than not eating fruits and vegetables at all."


Lack of Breakfast Choices

Lina<3, you have been eating better but breakfast is becoming an issue. And you have food allergies on top of that.

You do not like eggs, or just the egg yolk.  You absolutely refused to take even one bite, might stick out your tongue and taste it, or let Mommy put it on your mouth for you to taste it. The eggs had been scrambled, fried, broiled, mashed up and combined with other foods, yet you still do not like it.

When it comes to toast with butter or puree (like banana blueberries), you are picky about it. Some mornings you will eat it, while other mornings you refuse it, or just take a couple of bites and that is it. Mommy had tried giving it to as a finger food, but most of the time you just end up throwing it on the floor. These last few mornings you do not like toast.

Pancakes are no go. Pancakes with baby cereal is in, is definitely not something that you like at all. You take one bite and spit it right out. You do not like to hold it in your hands either and throws it on the floor. There has been numerous times where I tried to give this to you for breakfast, sometimes during lunch or snack.

Baby cereal is something you do not like anymore. Sometimes you will tolerate it when it is mixed with a bottle of soy milk. Even try mashing up bananas with it and you still do not like it either.

Having a banana after breakfast is always up in the air. Mommy never know which morning you will actually eat the banana. You usually have half an banana. You do not like to hold that banana and eat it yourself, instead Mommy gives it to you. 

Homemade muffin, you do like, but Mommy does not like to give that to you every morning. After all, it does have more sugar than I would like you to have.

Multigrain flakes, and Special K original cereal, you do like, but I do not want that to be the only thing that you eat in the mornings. These dry cereals does not get mixed with milk because you do not like it that way.

Any other foods that you tried was a no go and Mommy does not remember what they were. So far, you do not like anything gooey, and soft to eat when Mommy is feed you or when you are feeding yourself. What other choices does Lina<3 has? Lina<3 tell Mommy what you want to eat.  You need to have more proteins.

Please if you like to share your food stories or if you have a recipe to share with us for Lina<3 to try.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Minimal Scratchy Days

Lina<3, it has been three good days because you have not been scratching every chance you get. I had thought that your daily scratching was becoming a habit but your doctor had told me otherwise and tried using hydrocortisone cream (1%) on the skin. I always been concern about using hydrocortisone cream on your skin, as it is a steroid.  With much consideration I decided to follow the doctor's suggestions, and apply the hydrocortisone cream on the skin where you scratched most, three times a day for three days. It worked wonders from the first day. There was definitely less scratching. You tend to scratch most when you are getting a change of clothes, and bath time. With the relief of the cream, there was less scratching when changing clothes and during bath time. It must be a big relief for you, Lina<3. I had use hydrocortisone cream before on your skin but I never thought it worked well, but maybe it is because the amount of cream I used was microscopic. There still is a little scratching, but it is controlled. Once Mommy asked you to stop, you sometimes stop, or when Mommy removes your hands from where you are scratching, stop. 

Yeah! to this big change. With less scratching, your skin is less scaly, not so dry, or red. Your hands are occupied with your toys, or your books. It was such a big change that you even enjoyed bath time in your bath tub, which was discontinue from use for months because of the scratching. During the bath time, you enjoyed playing with your bath toys, and enjoyed being in the water :)  There are better days to come, my little baby.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday's Doctor Apointment

Lina<3, this is your second time seeing this pediatrician, and Mommy likes her a lot. The pediatrician was very thorough, and easy to talk to.

We walked over the doctor's office with the stroller, and it was very cold outside. You were bundled up nicely to keep you warmer. Mommy's hands were freezing from pushing the stroller (I do not like to wear gloves).

While in the waiting room, you were a little noise maker when a family of five came in. The baby sat next to us, and you extended your hand out to touch the baby, which Mommy stopped right away and encouraged to talk to the baby instead. You babbled at the baby but the baby was paying any attention to you. So you growled at the baby, lol, Mommy told you not to do that, as it is not a nice thing to do. You also watched the baby's brothers sitting in a chair, and seemed interested at what they were doing. You made a noise at them but they did not hear you. While sitting on my lap, you struggle to get on the floor to walk to them. However you did not want to go to them, you saw a piece of paper on the floor that you want to play with. Mommy picked up that piece of paper and put it away, and away from your sight. Mommy held you in my arms for a while, and you pointed to everything and I let you know what you are pointing at.

Inside the examination room, you got even louder and fussier. Weighting you on the scale was a struggle, as you do not like to lie on your back. You rolled over very fast, and cried a lot. When it came to taking height measurement, it made you cried even more and louder. Mommy picked you up right after, and tried to calm you down.  When the doctor came in, you just stared at her and did not want to wave hello when she said good morning. When the doctor put you on your back to take a look at you, you cried and cried, tears streaming down your cheeks, and you are all sad. poor baby. When the nursed came to give your three vaccinations, you cried even more.

The doctor and I did talked about your eczema, your scratching (as you did scratch a lot when the doctor was examining you), you not being able to sleep through the night, food allergies that you have, baby vitamins, taking you off baby formula, and taking baby vitamins.

Overall, my baby had a tough doctor's appointment. It was mostly about crying and trying to calm you down. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Flight of Stairs

It has been months since Mommy first let you climbed the stairs. On Monday, Mommy let you climbed the stairs to go upstairs, and you just a few steps. Mommy stood behind you the whole time so you do not fall. There was a lot of cheering you on to keep going. By the end of the day on Monday, you climbed up a whole flight of stairs, all thirteen steps, one step at a time, and all by yourself. You were so proud of yourself, and full of smiles after Mommy clapped for you, and gave you kisses for your accomplishment. On Tuesday and Wednesday, you went up the stairs with a lot of enthusiasm, and energy. It was like you mastered it, as you went up the stairs so fast.
Today, going up the stairs is getting a little boring for you, as you are getting distracted by the "things" on the steps (which is really nothing at all). You are going up the stairs slower, paused in the middle of the stairway. Mommy has to keep interested by putting socks a few steps above you so you continue to climb the stairs. I think that Mommy standing behind you is a distraction but you are not ready to climb the stairs completely by yourself, (Mommy is not ready for that yet, and it is too nerve wrecking). This evening is was scary, you were suppose to be playing in the dining room with your toys while Daddy watches you from the kitchen and Mommy had to run upstairs for something. I guess you missed Mommy a lot, and want to see Mommy is, so you climbed up the stairs by yourself. By the time Daddy realized that you were playing with your toys, you were already three away from the top of the stairs. AHH... see what I mean Lina<3, nerve wrecking and scary! It was both Daddy's and my fault for not watching you better, the good thing is that you were okay and nothing happen. I need better gates at the bottom of the stairs and on top of the stairs, ASAP.

Let's not get away from the fact that my little Lina<3 is going up the stairs by yourself and doing big things as you are getting bigger. Mommy is proud of you! and so is Daddy! Muah, muah, muah (kisses for my little Lina<3)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In The News: Asthma, Eczema, Hay Fever may be linked to fast foods

The article, Asthma, Eczema, Hay Fever may be linked to fast foods stated that "Teenagers and young children who eat fast food could be increasing their risk of developing asthma, eczema and hay fever, according to a study published Monday in the British Medical Journal's respiratory journal Thorax." "We found clear associations between certain foods and severe asthma, hay fever (or allergic rhinoconjunctivitis) and eczema in the largest study of allergies in children (aged 6-7 years) and adolescents (13-14 years) to date," said study author Hywel Williams of the Centre for Evidence Based Dermatology, Queen's Medical Centre, University Hospital, Nottingham, UK.  According to Williams, the associations between allergic diseases and fast food were "only really convincing for severe disease."

Lina<3, this article is the exact reason that Mommy decided to eat healthier throughout the pregnancy with you and after you were born. The thought of the smallest possibility that can affect you in any way is scary. Mommy had cut junk food, and fast food (which I do not usual eat anyways so it was not hard to do). After you were born, your Daddy and I decided to give you as much organic foods as much as possible, while Mommy continue with the no junk food, and fast foods. However with the changes in food, you still have eczema, but the severity of flareups have lessen significantly. As for you eating junk food, and fast foods, that will never happen (I know, never say never).

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Little Imitator

Lina <3, you are starting to become a "sponge" where you are soaking everything in your surrounding. A few months ago, it would take a few tries before you could imitate any actions or movement or speech. Now you imitate almost immediately after watching for a few minutes.

Brushing hair: Mommy brushes your hair a few times a day, every morning, every time you wake from a nap, and when you get moisturized. After observing Mommy brush your hair, you reach for the brush (or comb) and attempt to do brushing strokes in the air. Then you make indications that you want to brush Mommy's hair so I put my head lower so you can brush my hair. After doing that a few times, you tried to brush your hair but more like just put the brush on the top of your head. Now you do it with more precision.

Trying to find a lost toy: Last Friday, we were at PorPor's house and you had lost a toy. Your PorPor, GongGong, and I were on all fours trying to find your lost toy underneath the couches, and coffee table. You probably thought it was so fun and interesting what we were doing, so you went on all fours, and bend you head to look underneath the table and couches with us.When your grandparents and I saw what you were doing, we giggled, laughed, and thought it was cutest thing you just did. When  you saw our reaction, you stayed on all fours for a little longer, and laughed with us.

Dancing the one, two step: Mommy loves to dance for you, and you love watching me (I hope). We listen to music daily. You see Mommy dance with her feet, one, two step, one, two step, and you do it too :) You also bob your head to music as well. You shake your buttock like Daddy lol. You wiggle your body to the music like Daddy and I. You been dancing since the summertime of last year, but it is always very subtle and when you see Daddy or I watching you, you stop and focus on something else. I guess you can say that there is some modesty.

Story time: you love story time. You bring the book(s) that you want to read to Mommy and Mommy reads it to you. In the middle of the book (or sometimes as soon as I open the book), you take the book back right away. You sit next to Mommy with the opened book, and babbles (talks) to self as if you are reading the book to yourself.

Throwing out garbage: Yesterday, you saw Mommy pick up lint from the kitchen floor, and throw it in the trash can. You bended down, and picked up something from the floor (which does not look like anything at all) with your fingers. You walked over to the trash can (but trash can was closed) and made an indication that you wanted to throw out your "garbage" (just like Mommy). Mommy opened to the trash can so you can put your "garbage" in there.

Imitating speech/words: ever since you starting babbling and talking, you started to imitate simple phrases from Daddy and I. Some simple words or speech such as box, the "b" sound, "I love you" (at least that is what is sound like to Mommy), duck, book...  Sometimes when you do repeat after Daddy or I, it just does not make sense to us at all but it is still adorable.

My little Lina<3, you are growing up so well. Mommy is so proud of you in all that you do and will do in the future. Daddy and I love you very much.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Is Paper Nutritious?

Paper, paper, paper, paper, you like to look for paper. It could come from books, magazines, newspapers, and mail. Lina<3, you tear the papers apart, and enjoys it very much. From one sheet of paper, you tear off one piece, from that one piece of paper, you make smaller pieces. Once you get the smallest pieces, you hand over the small pieces to Mommy because Mommy does not want you to eat paper at all. It is so cute, it is like that you know that you are not suppose to be ripping the paper, so when you get to the smaller pieces of paper, you hand it over right away to Mommy (sometimes). You are also very sneaky when it comes to eating paper. When you think that Mommy is not looking at what you are doing, or Mommy does not know that you have a small piece of paper in your hand, you put it in your mouth to eat it, and leave my sight right away.  Sometimes, you put the paper in your mouth, and bite it off the paper right away. Mommy sees you eating paper, I put my finger in your mouth right away, and fish out the paper. The good thing about you eating paper is that you are not swallowing the paper (I think) and sometimes spit it out after chewing on it for a while. Mommy tells you not you to eat the paper every time, and continue to be consistent about not eating paper at all. Mommy also showed that paper is not yummy, and that paper is meant to be held in your hands to read or look at all, and not for eating.

I am not too worry about you eating paper, it would not kill you, right? Right! Mommy tries to hide paper from you, but you see everything and knows how to reach for things.

Please comment if there are any tips regarding eating paper, how to stop it, how to make paper fun for a one year old.

Your Favorite Couch

Lina<3, your favorite couch is in the living room. Every evening after dinner, and before getting your last bottle of milk for the day, you played on the couch with Daddy (sometimes, Mommy joins when there are no dishes to wash). When Mommy is not joining you on the couch with Daddy, I always hear a lot of laughter, growls (as you do like to growl), talking (which is babbles), and screaming. You love to toss from one side of the couch to the other while Daddy keep a close eye on you, so you do not fall off. Sometimes you like attempt doing a head stand, which looks like you doing a downward dog (a yoga term) and your buttocks in up in the air. Daddy loves to play with you on that couch, and tries to bite you, hug you, toss you around, tickle your belly, and make your laugh. Sometimes, the couch means story time with your board books, such as  “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?”. Other times, you play with your toys. It is so cute when you play with your toys on the couch because you like to hide them between the cracks of the couch, or behind Daddy, or me. You even hide the toys underneath your legs when you seem to run of places to hide your toys.

A Rough Wednesday Morning

My little Lina<3, you went for blood work on Wednesday. You were so anxious as you did not know what the nurses were doing to you. While sitting on Mommy’s lap, I talked to you, and told what was going on. The nurses had a very hard time trying to find your veins in your arms by patting your arms a lot (lightly, of course). I thought you were too young for them to extract blood from your arm but the nurses reassured me that you were not and they had done it before with other babies. After using a warm compress, they finally found one tiny vein in your right arm, Mommy was instructed to hold you tight against my body and let you move as little as possible, as one of the nurses stick a needle in you (Daddy hates needles and turn away right away). Yes, it was a tiny vein, blood came pouring out, and before you knew it, three tubes of blood were filled. As soon as the needle was injected, you cried out so loudly with big tears coming down your fat cheeks, and began to get squirmy but Mommy held you tight and did not let you move much. After it was done, Daddy picked you up right away, you started to cry less.  Daddy and I kissed your boo boo. Outside in the waiting area, as Mommy put your coat on, you had already stopped crying and looking around the area.

The results came in yesterday with a phone call from your doctor. From the blood work, you have some food allergies: allergic to egg whites, cow’s milk, and peanuts. That is good news, Daddy and I were concerned that you were not getting enough vitamins, and we glad that you were not anemic or have low blood cells.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Day...

Lina<3, you had a good day today. Your scheduled included, breakfast, playtime at home, went to playground, snack time, playtime, lunch, nap time, snack time, playtime, dinner, playtime, and bedtime.

You slept in late, as you were up very early in the morning. It was nice outside with a lot of sunshine, and less wind. Therefore, it was a good to to go the playgrounds and play. You love being outside, but at the playground, it was not so much fun. First of all, there was no other children at the playgrounds for you to watch. Second, the swing was not fun after a while. Third, you cried a lot after being placed down on the ground for you to encourage you to walk around. I tried chasing you around but you did not want to move at all from where you were standing, and just wanted to cry until you were picked. Fourthly, tried sliding down the slide, but that's did not stop your fussiness. Before going home, you had some snacks, and you were less fussy.

At home, you had your lunch but did not eat much of it. Mommy had made you chopped up beans with taco seasoning in it with brown rice. It had been three days of eating the beans and rice, and still, you do not eat much of it. You do not take more than a few bites. So Mommy gave your sweet potato, pumpkin, apples, and blueberries pouch instead from Ella's Kitchen (organic food) and you ate it all, as well as sucked the pouch dry. Of course, with your meals, there is milk. After burping, it was time to sleep.

The before and after nap routine is always the same wipe down, moisturize, diaper changed (if need to), and cleaned, brush hair and teeth (if need to); and sit on the potty chair for you to urinate. You slept for two hours.

When you woke up, you had some snacks, water and then it was dinnertime after some playtime. You had curry chicken with white rice for dinner and you loved it. The entire meal was gone, and that has not happen in a while. There was little to no fussing when it come eating tonight but there was a lot of mess. You like to eat rice on your own and feed yourself.

Playtime involved you playing with everything else but your toys.  There's the magazines, the newspapers, the kitchen utensils, pots and pans, and the computer. When Daddy or I try to take any of those things listed away from you, you get very frustrated and upset, and there's a lot of crying (tears streaming down your cheeks).

Bedtime was a little harder. The routine is the same as for nap time. You did not fall asleep easily, there was a lot of crying, and fussiness. After letting you cry it out for a while, Mommy checked on you, played with you, rocked you, and nursed you. Then you finally fell asleep.

There was some scratching through the day but that appears to be normal and it does not seem like you were itchy. Besides some occasional crying and fussiness, it was an overall good day.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Teething and Up for Hours

Lina<3, you have eight teeth in your mouth so far. Last night was terrible for you, you were up from 1am to 4am. It was very hard for you to go back to sleep, as Mommy had tried everything, from nursing, diaper changed, moisturizing, drinks of water, picking you up, rocking you, playing with you, bring you to my bed to play, bring you back you to your crib to play and let you cry it out. It was a cycle that was repeated at least four times during the three hours you were up. You cried, and cried, played a little and scratched a lot (good thing that you had the ScratchMeNot mittens on). The only things that was comforting to you was a pick up, and constant nursing (but that does not seem satisfying either, due to the fact that Mommy's milk supply appeared to be low). You also liked it when Mommy rubbed your gums, as it kept you from fussing. By the fourth time of nursing, moisturizing, drinking water, rocking you, playing with you in my bed and in your crib; you were ready to sleep. You were nursed for the fourth time in three hours, went back to your crib, and you slept with your bear bear (that's what Mommy calls your teddy bear) in your arms. Off to sleep you went for five hours (slept til 10am).

Friday, January 4, 2013

"Owning the House"

Lina<3, you are walking so well. You walk everywhere, and Mommy means everywhere! While downstairs you are in the kitchen, the dining room, and your play area in the living room. When you are upstairs, you are all over the hallway, and the bedrooms. Back and forth into those rooms, as if you own the house. It so adorable.  It is definitely exploration time.

It started with walking around your play area in the living room. When there was nothing else in the living room to explore, you went to the dining room, where the computer, and dining room table are. When you got tired of watching Mommy go into the kitchen by myself, so you followed Mommy into the kitchen. Now you go into the kitchen by yourself even when Mommy is not in there because there are so many new things to explore there (Mommy is always not far behind).

Recently, your favorite room of the house is the kitchen (maybe it is because Mommy is in the kitchen a lot, between your meals, my meals, doing the dishes, and snack time). You love to walk underneath kitchen table (which Mommy needs to keep a closer eye on you, as your head is touching the kitchen table already), and search for the old newspaper hanging out on one of the unused chairs. Sometimes, you would stay underneath the kitchen table, and sit on the leg of the table, and just play with the newspapers, or just sit there and relax. You especially love to be underneath the kitchen table when Daddy or I are using it. Reaching for newspapers, and your sippy cup on top of the kitchen table is also what you like to do and you can even put your sippy cup back up on the table when you are done with it. 

It is so cute watching you walk all over the place, you look like such a big girl. My baby is growing up too fast. You walked so fast at times, Daddy and I are always afraid that you are going to fall. You hardly fall down when you are walking, but do stumble at times and you always catches yourself before falling. As Daddy would say "you walk like you are drunk, lol".