Saturday, January 12, 2013

Is Paper Nutritious?

Paper, paper, paper, paper, you like to look for paper. It could come from books, magazines, newspapers, and mail. Lina<3, you tear the papers apart, and enjoys it very much. From one sheet of paper, you tear off one piece, from that one piece of paper, you make smaller pieces. Once you get the smallest pieces, you hand over the small pieces to Mommy because Mommy does not want you to eat paper at all. It is so cute, it is like that you know that you are not suppose to be ripping the paper, so when you get to the smaller pieces of paper, you hand it over right away to Mommy (sometimes). You are also very sneaky when it comes to eating paper. When you think that Mommy is not looking at what you are doing, or Mommy does not know that you have a small piece of paper in your hand, you put it in your mouth to eat it, and leave my sight right away.  Sometimes, you put the paper in your mouth, and bite it off the paper right away. Mommy sees you eating paper, I put my finger in your mouth right away, and fish out the paper. The good thing about you eating paper is that you are not swallowing the paper (I think) and sometimes spit it out after chewing on it for a while. Mommy tells you not you to eat the paper every time, and continue to be consistent about not eating paper at all. Mommy also showed that paper is not yummy, and that paper is meant to be held in your hands to read or look at all, and not for eating.

I am not too worry about you eating paper, it would not kill you, right? Right! Mommy tries to hide paper from you, but you see everything and knows how to reach for things.

Please comment if there are any tips regarding eating paper, how to stop it, how to make paper fun for a one year old.

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