Monday, January 7, 2013

The Day...

Lina<3, you had a good day today. Your scheduled included, breakfast, playtime at home, went to playground, snack time, playtime, lunch, nap time, snack time, playtime, dinner, playtime, and bedtime.

You slept in late, as you were up very early in the morning. It was nice outside with a lot of sunshine, and less wind. Therefore, it was a good to to go the playgrounds and play. You love being outside, but at the playground, it was not so much fun. First of all, there was no other children at the playgrounds for you to watch. Second, the swing was not fun after a while. Third, you cried a lot after being placed down on the ground for you to encourage you to walk around. I tried chasing you around but you did not want to move at all from where you were standing, and just wanted to cry until you were picked. Fourthly, tried sliding down the slide, but that's did not stop your fussiness. Before going home, you had some snacks, and you were less fussy.

At home, you had your lunch but did not eat much of it. Mommy had made you chopped up beans with taco seasoning in it with brown rice. It had been three days of eating the beans and rice, and still, you do not eat much of it. You do not take more than a few bites. So Mommy gave your sweet potato, pumpkin, apples, and blueberries pouch instead from Ella's Kitchen (organic food) and you ate it all, as well as sucked the pouch dry. Of course, with your meals, there is milk. After burping, it was time to sleep.

The before and after nap routine is always the same wipe down, moisturize, diaper changed (if need to), and cleaned, brush hair and teeth (if need to); and sit on the potty chair for you to urinate. You slept for two hours.

When you woke up, you had some snacks, water and then it was dinnertime after some playtime. You had curry chicken with white rice for dinner and you loved it. The entire meal was gone, and that has not happen in a while. There was little to no fussing when it come eating tonight but there was a lot of mess. You like to eat rice on your own and feed yourself.

Playtime involved you playing with everything else but your toys.  There's the magazines, the newspapers, the kitchen utensils, pots and pans, and the computer. When Daddy or I try to take any of those things listed away from you, you get very frustrated and upset, and there's a lot of crying (tears streaming down your cheeks).

Bedtime was a little harder. The routine is the same as for nap time. You did not fall asleep easily, there was a lot of crying, and fussiness. After letting you cry it out for a while, Mommy checked on you, played with you, rocked you, and nursed you. Then you finally fell asleep.

There was some scratching through the day but that appears to be normal and it does not seem like you were itchy. Besides some occasional crying and fussiness, it was an overall good day.

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