Friday, January 4, 2013

"Owning the House"

Lina<3, you are walking so well. You walk everywhere, and Mommy means everywhere! While downstairs you are in the kitchen, the dining room, and your play area in the living room. When you are upstairs, you are all over the hallway, and the bedrooms. Back and forth into those rooms, as if you own the house. It so adorable.  It is definitely exploration time.

It started with walking around your play area in the living room. When there was nothing else in the living room to explore, you went to the dining room, where the computer, and dining room table are. When you got tired of watching Mommy go into the kitchen by myself, so you followed Mommy into the kitchen. Now you go into the kitchen by yourself even when Mommy is not in there because there are so many new things to explore there (Mommy is always not far behind).

Recently, your favorite room of the house is the kitchen (maybe it is because Mommy is in the kitchen a lot, between your meals, my meals, doing the dishes, and snack time). You love to walk underneath kitchen table (which Mommy needs to keep a closer eye on you, as your head is touching the kitchen table already), and search for the old newspaper hanging out on one of the unused chairs. Sometimes, you would stay underneath the kitchen table, and sit on the leg of the table, and just play with the newspapers, or just sit there and relax. You especially love to be underneath the kitchen table when Daddy or I are using it. Reaching for newspapers, and your sippy cup on top of the kitchen table is also what you like to do and you can even put your sippy cup back up on the table when you are done with it. 

It is so cute watching you walk all over the place, you look like such a big girl. My baby is growing up too fast. You walked so fast at times, Daddy and I are always afraid that you are going to fall. You hardly fall down when you are walking, but do stumble at times and you always catches yourself before falling. As Daddy would say "you walk like you are drunk, lol".

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