Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Little Imitator

Lina <3, you are starting to become a "sponge" where you are soaking everything in your surrounding. A few months ago, it would take a few tries before you could imitate any actions or movement or speech. Now you imitate almost immediately after watching for a few minutes.

Brushing hair: Mommy brushes your hair a few times a day, every morning, every time you wake from a nap, and when you get moisturized. After observing Mommy brush your hair, you reach for the brush (or comb) and attempt to do brushing strokes in the air. Then you make indications that you want to brush Mommy's hair so I put my head lower so you can brush my hair. After doing that a few times, you tried to brush your hair but more like just put the brush on the top of your head. Now you do it with more precision.

Trying to find a lost toy: Last Friday, we were at PorPor's house and you had lost a toy. Your PorPor, GongGong, and I were on all fours trying to find your lost toy underneath the couches, and coffee table. You probably thought it was so fun and interesting what we were doing, so you went on all fours, and bend you head to look underneath the table and couches with us.When your grandparents and I saw what you were doing, we giggled, laughed, and thought it was cutest thing you just did. When  you saw our reaction, you stayed on all fours for a little longer, and laughed with us.

Dancing the one, two step: Mommy loves to dance for you, and you love watching me (I hope). We listen to music daily. You see Mommy dance with her feet, one, two step, one, two step, and you do it too :) You also bob your head to music as well. You shake your buttock like Daddy lol. You wiggle your body to the music like Daddy and I. You been dancing since the summertime of last year, but it is always very subtle and when you see Daddy or I watching you, you stop and focus on something else. I guess you can say that there is some modesty.

Story time: you love story time. You bring the book(s) that you want to read to Mommy and Mommy reads it to you. In the middle of the book (or sometimes as soon as I open the book), you take the book back right away. You sit next to Mommy with the opened book, and babbles (talks) to self as if you are reading the book to yourself.

Throwing out garbage: Yesterday, you saw Mommy pick up lint from the kitchen floor, and throw it in the trash can. You bended down, and picked up something from the floor (which does not look like anything at all) with your fingers. You walked over to the trash can (but trash can was closed) and made an indication that you wanted to throw out your "garbage" (just like Mommy). Mommy opened to the trash can so you can put your "garbage" in there.

Imitating speech/words: ever since you starting babbling and talking, you started to imitate simple phrases from Daddy and I. Some simple words or speech such as box, the "b" sound, "I love you" (at least that is what is sound like to Mommy), duck, book...  Sometimes when you do repeat after Daddy or I, it just does not make sense to us at all but it is still adorable.

My little Lina<3, you are growing up so well. Mommy is so proud of you in all that you do and will do in the future. Daddy and I love you very much.

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