Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday's Doctor Apointment

Lina<3, this is your second time seeing this pediatrician, and Mommy likes her a lot. The pediatrician was very thorough, and easy to talk to.

We walked over the doctor's office with the stroller, and it was very cold outside. You were bundled up nicely to keep you warmer. Mommy's hands were freezing from pushing the stroller (I do not like to wear gloves).

While in the waiting room, you were a little noise maker when a family of five came in. The baby sat next to us, and you extended your hand out to touch the baby, which Mommy stopped right away and encouraged to talk to the baby instead. You babbled at the baby but the baby was paying any attention to you. So you growled at the baby, lol, Mommy told you not to do that, as it is not a nice thing to do. You also watched the baby's brothers sitting in a chair, and seemed interested at what they were doing. You made a noise at them but they did not hear you. While sitting on my lap, you struggle to get on the floor to walk to them. However you did not want to go to them, you saw a piece of paper on the floor that you want to play with. Mommy picked up that piece of paper and put it away, and away from your sight. Mommy held you in my arms for a while, and you pointed to everything and I let you know what you are pointing at.

Inside the examination room, you got even louder and fussier. Weighting you on the scale was a struggle, as you do not like to lie on your back. You rolled over very fast, and cried a lot. When it came to taking height measurement, it made you cried even more and louder. Mommy picked you up right after, and tried to calm you down.  When the doctor came in, you just stared at her and did not want to wave hello when she said good morning. When the doctor put you on your back to take a look at you, you cried and cried, tears streaming down your cheeks, and you are all sad. poor baby. When the nursed came to give your three vaccinations, you cried even more.

The doctor and I did talked about your eczema, your scratching (as you did scratch a lot when the doctor was examining you), you not being able to sleep through the night, food allergies that you have, baby vitamins, taking you off baby formula, and taking baby vitamins.

Overall, my baby had a tough doctor's appointment. It was mostly about crying and trying to calm you down. 

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