Friday, January 25, 2013

Slept Through the NIght

Lina<3 you finally slept through your night. Last night was the first night that you slept for the entire night. Yeah!! I am so happy. You did wake up for a little while in the middle of night but there was need to check on you because you fell back to sleep on your own. I believe that you slept so well because of  the dose of antihistamine (a doctor's prescription). Since the day you were born, you had not sleep the through the night, not at the hospital or at home. In your co-sleeper cot on our bed, you did not sleep well and woke up every few hours for feedings. You were a newborn then and it was a given that you would not sleep through the night.

Daddy and I hope that going forward, you will continue to sleep through the night. The more you sleep is good for your development. Of course, it is good for Daddy and Mommy too-you sleep and we sleep.

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