Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Minimal Scratchy Days

Lina<3, it has been three good days because you have not been scratching every chance you get. I had thought that your daily scratching was becoming a habit but your doctor had told me otherwise and tried using hydrocortisone cream (1%) on the skin. I always been concern about using hydrocortisone cream on your skin, as it is a steroid.  With much consideration I decided to follow the doctor's suggestions, and apply the hydrocortisone cream on the skin where you scratched most, three times a day for three days. It worked wonders from the first day. There was definitely less scratching. You tend to scratch most when you are getting a change of clothes, and bath time. With the relief of the cream, there was less scratching when changing clothes and during bath time. It must be a big relief for you, Lina<3. I had use hydrocortisone cream before on your skin but I never thought it worked well, but maybe it is because the amount of cream I used was microscopic. There still is a little scratching, but it is controlled. Once Mommy asked you to stop, you sometimes stop, or when Mommy removes your hands from where you are scratching, stop. 

Yeah! to this big change. With less scratching, your skin is less scaly, not so dry, or red. Your hands are occupied with your toys, or your books. It was such a big change that you even enjoyed bath time in your bath tub, which was discontinue from use for months because of the scratching. During the bath time, you enjoyed playing with your bath toys, and enjoyed being in the water :)  There are better days to come, my little baby.

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