Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Rough Wednesday Morning

My little Lina<3, you went for blood work on Wednesday. You were so anxious as you did not know what the nurses were doing to you. While sitting on Mommy’s lap, I talked to you, and told what was going on. The nurses had a very hard time trying to find your veins in your arms by patting your arms a lot (lightly, of course). I thought you were too young for them to extract blood from your arm but the nurses reassured me that you were not and they had done it before with other babies. After using a warm compress, they finally found one tiny vein in your right arm, Mommy was instructed to hold you tight against my body and let you move as little as possible, as one of the nurses stick a needle in you (Daddy hates needles and turn away right away). Yes, it was a tiny vein, blood came pouring out, and before you knew it, three tubes of blood were filled. As soon as the needle was injected, you cried out so loudly with big tears coming down your fat cheeks, and began to get squirmy but Mommy held you tight and did not let you move much. After it was done, Daddy picked you up right away, you started to cry less.  Daddy and I kissed your boo boo. Outside in the waiting area, as Mommy put your coat on, you had already stopped crying and looking around the area.

The results came in yesterday with a phone call from your doctor. From the blood work, you have some food allergies: allergic to egg whites, cow’s milk, and peanuts. That is good news, Daddy and I were concerned that you were not getting enough vitamins, and we glad that you were not anemic or have low blood cells.

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