Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lack of Breakfast Choices

Lina<3, you have been eating better but breakfast is becoming an issue. And you have food allergies on top of that.

You do not like eggs, or just the egg yolk.  You absolutely refused to take even one bite, might stick out your tongue and taste it, or let Mommy put it on your mouth for you to taste it. The eggs had been scrambled, fried, broiled, mashed up and combined with other foods, yet you still do not like it.

When it comes to toast with butter or puree (like banana blueberries), you are picky about it. Some mornings you will eat it, while other mornings you refuse it, or just take a couple of bites and that is it. Mommy had tried giving it to as a finger food, but most of the time you just end up throwing it on the floor. These last few mornings you do not like toast.

Pancakes are no go. Pancakes with baby cereal is in, is definitely not something that you like at all. You take one bite and spit it right out. You do not like to hold it in your hands either and throws it on the floor. There has been numerous times where I tried to give this to you for breakfast, sometimes during lunch or snack.

Baby cereal is something you do not like anymore. Sometimes you will tolerate it when it is mixed with a bottle of soy milk. Even try mashing up bananas with it and you still do not like it either.

Having a banana after breakfast is always up in the air. Mommy never know which morning you will actually eat the banana. You usually have half an banana. You do not like to hold that banana and eat it yourself, instead Mommy gives it to you. 

Homemade muffin, you do like, but Mommy does not like to give that to you every morning. After all, it does have more sugar than I would like you to have.

Multigrain flakes, and Special K original cereal, you do like, but I do not want that to be the only thing that you eat in the mornings. These dry cereals does not get mixed with milk because you do not like it that way.

Any other foods that you tried was a no go and Mommy does not remember what they were. So far, you do not like anything gooey, and soft to eat when Mommy is feed you or when you are feeding yourself. What other choices does Lina<3 has? Lina<3 tell Mommy what you want to eat.  You need to have more proteins.

Please if you like to share your food stories or if you have a recipe to share with us for Lina<3 to try.

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