Sunday, January 27, 2013


The weather the past week has been cold, cold and cold. It was frigid, Lina<3. It was too cold for my little baby to go out. It was too cold, and cloudy for our daily walks around the neighborhood. At times, you would stare out the window in the living room (especially when the sun was shining through the window) and I assume that you are wondering when you'll be able to go outside again. Do not worry my baby, the forecast said that it will be nicer this week coming, at least the temperature is rising a little bit.

What to do when you are home for so long? when you are getting bored of your toys? New games and new places to play. Usually your play routine involves the entire downstairs, but this week we switched  it up. You played downstairs, and upstairs, a few hours here and there. You got to play in Mommy's bedroom a lot which you love, especially Mommy's bed. In Mommy's bed, you love to toss yourself around, walk on it, dance on it, crawled, giggled, laughed, and sit on pillows or your toys. While upstairs, you also like to play in the hallways, as it allows you to go from room to room to room; Mommy's room, your room, then back to Mommy's room. Sometimes, you play peek a boo by the doorway, and it is so cute. You play peek a boo very well, you understand the element of surprise. You played on the floor, you played with the draws (as well as learn the concept of open and closing things). While downstairs, you still love to be chase by Mommy, play on your favorite couch. We played a new game which we will call "follow the light", with a flash light, and lights off. You followed the flashlight up and down, and all around, while Mommy says "where did the light go", "is it here or there", "where is it", "oh look over here", and "look". Mommy taught you to step on the light it was spotted on the floor, lol (as you do like step on things). I will also let you hold the flashlight which is a little hard for you, as it is heavy and we do not want it to fall on your piggies (that's what I call your toes, lol). You are loving story time, either with me or by yourself. Time for jumbo crayons with large drawing paper, regular paper, notebook baby, and notepad paper. You are learning to scribble but most of the time, you just enjoy playing the box of crayon; and putting the crayon in the box and out of the box.

Mommy loves being home with you, and spend quality time together. Mommy also like doing things with you outside of the house, so let's hope that the weather this week is nice enough, okay?

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