Sunday, January 27, 2013

you and Daddy

Lina<3, Mommy got to sleep in a little bit this morning because your Daddy took care of you. Daddy wiped you down, moisturized, changed of clothes, put you on potty chair, diaper changed, and brush your hair. Breakfast for you was made by Daddy. You had a good time with Daddy and you woke up in a very good mood. Mommy did not hear you cry at all.

It was certainty nice for Daddy to do this for Mommy, as it has been a while since he last changed your diaper, lol. Daddy loves to brush your hair, and thinks that he styles, and brushes your hair better than I do, lol. When it comes to putting clothes on you, it is a little bit of a struggle, as he always feels that he does not know what to put on you.

Mommy did not sleep in for very long...when I am awaken, I like to stay in bed and just listen to you interacting with Daddy, and Daddy talking to you and making you laugh. You two are Mommy's two favorite people in the whole wide world :) I love my two baby, (that is my little Lina<3 and Daddy)...muah (kiss)

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