Thursday, January 31, 2013

Disagreeable Day

Yesterday was a very disagreeable day for you, Lina<3. You woke up crying and you went to sleep with some fuss. You have developed this whiny, and needy crying whenever things do not go your way. I hope that it does not develop into anything more later on.

The day started out with you waking up earlier than your usual time (9-10am) at 7:30am from not sleeping through the night and was up for an hour and half at night time. You woke up crying, and being fussy. Mommy hoped that you would fall back asleep in my arms in my bed, but you did not. I had placed all your stuff animals and toy phone on bed with us, so you can play with it but you saw Mommy's phone that  you kept reaching for. Even fussed when you could not reach the phone. After you stop fussing a little, Mommy let you play the phone (which has a great feature of Kids Corner). For breakfast, Mommy prepared a bottle of soy milk with cereal for you, and all you wanted to do was point to your cabinet where your snacks was stored and then did a whiny cry/scream you were pointing. After you ate your breakfast, you calmed down a little bit until you saw Mommy eating breakfast and wanted it too. So back to the whiny scream/cry. Mommy tried to ignore your behavior as much as possible as a way to discourage the behavior. There's are some distractions that kept you calm, by playing with some of your toys, scribbling with your crayons. It does not last long. With the whiny crying/screaming/whimpers, there was also a lot of scratching. When Mommy tells you to stop scratching, it made you even more disagreeable, and more whiny. Mommy played with you and that kept your attention and stopped the fussiness.

Getting ready for nap time was a struggle with the scratching, whining, and crying. You did not sleep long, about an hour and half. You woke from your nap, crying. After lunch, we went for a walk outside in the driveway and went up the block. When I said, we went for a walk, I meant that we both walked. You walked up the block with Mommy :). But it was a struggle trying to get you to turn back around to go back home. You struggled when Mommy held your hand and tried lead you back toward home (more like pulling you, lol but you are awfully strong). You fussed so Mommy picked you up and walked toward home. When you had calmed down, Mommy put you down to walk again. Walking the rest of way home was less eventful.

In the evening-Let the whining and scratching begin! Ahh! Mommy had a headache. Mommy ignoring your whiny cry/screams was not doing the trick. Mommy playing with you was getting a little boring to you (I think) because you were just not satisfied (even with all your snacks). You calmed down a little bit when Daddy came home and entertained you. By dinnertime, you were quieter and less fussy. By bedtime, it was okay, you went right to to sleep. 

Such is life...

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