Friday, January 25, 2013

Easily Frustrated

My baby Lina<3 is now consider a toddler. You grew up so fast, and beginning to learn so many new things. What is new with you as you approach 14 months, you are learning to do things on your own. You like to do things on your own but sometimes it is hard which gets you frustrated, and look for Mommy to help.

You like to drink with your sippy cup and put it back on the edge of the kitchen table where you took it from. You always make sure that when you put your sippy cup right side up on the table. There are times when it is a harder to put your cup right side up and you get easily frustrated. However you do not give up and you kept trying until the cup was right side up. After you are done, I applauded your success.

There has been numerous times, the past few days where you are trying to take off your sweater by yourself. It is always a struggle because you can unzip the zipper and the bring the sweater off your shoulders. The sleeves of the sweater is a harder, and you get frustrated when you can not get it off by shaking the sweater off. Lol, it is the cutest thing watching you do that, watching you shake your arms, hoping the sweater will come right off. You look to Mommy for help after struggling for a while, and cheeks are all flushed, and Mommy help you by taking off one of the sleeves for you, so you can finish what you do are doing.

Mommy likes the fact that you are beginning to learn how to be independent and self sufficient. It is a milestone and Mommy is proud of you! You will continue to more and more things. Mommy will always be here to help you, even when you are a preteen, teenager, young adult and adult.

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