Friday, January 25, 2013

New Foods

Last week, the new food is tofu (organic Nasoya extra firm), which you did not like at all. Mommy had sauteed it with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, ginger, and Asian black bean sauce. Then it was blended up finely in a blender. You did not like it at all. This week Mommy cooked the tofu the same way, and left it cubed. The chopped tofu was mixed with brown rice, and you actually ate it. It seemed like you enjoyed it. Tonight, you ate almost a half a bowlful. Since you do allergies to soybeans, I need to be cautious of the soy products that is given to you. So far, I have not seen any reactions to the tofu. Yeah! A new food item that you actually eat.

Blueberry puree last week was hit :) You enjoyed it very much. Even mixed with your dinner a couple of time so you can eat your dinner. I know that sounds weird but sometimes, Mommy have to come up with different ways to make you eat your lunch or dinner.

Strawberry-you tried it twice already and you seemed to tolerate it. I am uncertain if you like it or not. The important thing is that were no allergic reactions to it. Mommy will continue to give some strawberries this weekend.
Can't wait til you try all the berries, so Mommy can make smoothies and smoothie pops for your in the summer time :) I am so excited. So Lina<3 please like the berries.

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