Sunday, January 6, 2013

Teething and Up for Hours

Lina<3, you have eight teeth in your mouth so far. Last night was terrible for you, you were up from 1am to 4am. It was very hard for you to go back to sleep, as Mommy had tried everything, from nursing, diaper changed, moisturizing, drinks of water, picking you up, rocking you, playing with you, bring you to my bed to play, bring you back you to your crib to play and let you cry it out. It was a cycle that was repeated at least four times during the three hours you were up. You cried, and cried, played a little and scratched a lot (good thing that you had the ScratchMeNot mittens on). The only things that was comforting to you was a pick up, and constant nursing (but that does not seem satisfying either, due to the fact that Mommy's milk supply appeared to be low). You also liked it when Mommy rubbed your gums, as it kept you from fussing. By the fourth time of nursing, moisturizing, drinking water, rocking you, playing with you in my bed and in your crib; you were ready to sleep. You were nursed for the fourth time in three hours, went back to your crib, and you slept with your bear bear (that's what Mommy calls your teddy bear) in your arms. Off to sleep you went for five hours (slept til 10am).

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