Tuesday, January 29, 2013

All Things Chinese sidebar

With Lina<3 being half Chinese, your Daddy and I feel that it is important that you learn the Chinese culutre with the holidays that we will celebrate, Chinese childrenn songs that Mommy will learn to  sing to you and to teach you, and speaking Chinese which Mommy will do to help you develop the language so that when you go to Chinese school (yes my little one, you will go when you are of age), you'll have some grasp of it.

With that being said, Mommy had introduced a new sidebar, on the lower right hand side of the blog called "All Things Chinese-Education, Music and Fun". I hope that you will find it interesting when you get older. There is hope that the list will grow as you grow :)
Below is the listing for "All Things Chinese-Education, Music and Fun"  

If the site does not work by clicking on it, please make a note on the comment section below. Also, the All Things Chinese-Education, Music, Fun  sidebar is always available on the lower right hand side of the blog.  Mommy understands that by saying “All Things Chinese” is not politically correct, so for your information, the sidebar will include all things Asian as well.


  1. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing links. Your daughter will appreciate when older