Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Flight of Stairs

It has been months since Mommy first let you climbed the stairs. On Monday, Mommy let you climbed the stairs to go upstairs, and you just a few steps. Mommy stood behind you the whole time so you do not fall. There was a lot of cheering you on to keep going. By the end of the day on Monday, you climbed up a whole flight of stairs, all thirteen steps, one step at a time, and all by yourself. You were so proud of yourself, and full of smiles after Mommy clapped for you, and gave you kisses for your accomplishment. On Tuesday and Wednesday, you went up the stairs with a lot of enthusiasm, and energy. It was like you mastered it, as you went up the stairs so fast.
Today, going up the stairs is getting a little boring for you, as you are getting distracted by the "things" on the steps (which is really nothing at all). You are going up the stairs slower, paused in the middle of the stairway. Mommy has to keep interested by putting socks a few steps above you so you continue to climb the stairs. I think that Mommy standing behind you is a distraction but you are not ready to climb the stairs completely by yourself, (Mommy is not ready for that yet, and it is too nerve wrecking). This evening is was scary, you were suppose to be playing in the dining room with your toys while Daddy watches you from the kitchen and Mommy had to run upstairs for something. I guess you missed Mommy a lot, and want to see Mommy is, so you climbed up the stairs by yourself. By the time Daddy realized that you were playing with your toys, you were already three away from the top of the stairs. AHH... see what I mean Lina<3, nerve wrecking and scary! It was both Daddy's and my fault for not watching you better, the good thing is that you were okay and nothing happen. I need better gates at the bottom of the stairs and on top of the stairs, ASAP.

Let's not get away from the fact that my little Lina<3 is going up the stairs by yourself and doing big things as you are getting bigger. Mommy is proud of you! and so is Daddy! Muah, muah, muah (kisses for my little Lina<3)

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