Saturday, August 3, 2013

Playing Catch-Up On the Blog Still

To my little Lina<3 , the love of my life :

There are some many things to say to you... what to say, where to start, how to begin....

We have already talked about your speech development. And you are continuing to talk more, a lot of baby talk to self and to us... For example, you would go baby talk, baby talk, baby talk, "no" with your index finger up, baby talk some more. It is so cute to watch you talk to yourself.  Your baby talk usually indicates that you want something. Mommy knows that you want to talk and tell us what is going on with you, but it will come soon, so please be patient with Daddy and I when we do not always understand all your baby talk. The words of the week are (besides "ma ma", and "ba ba" (Cantonese for Daddy): door, juice (or something that sounds likes juice, it sounds more like "ju ju ce", lol), "oh" (when you fall down), "waaa" (for something that appears awesome and wows you), "buh bye", and car. You started to say "por por" (grandmother in Cantonese). You are learning how to knock on doors whenever we enter a room.  We go up to the door, say "knock, knock", do the motion to knock to the knock on the door, before entering a room.

Playtime: Learning through play is always Mommy's motto and practice.
You have learned to stack blocks. Each time you stack a block on top of each other, you clap in excitement and Mommy clap as well to share your accomplishment. Then when you get upset when the blocks get knock down by accident, and you were not finish stacking. You do like to knock the blocks whenever Mommy stacks the blocks with you.
When it comes to coloring, and holding the crayon, you are doing a good job, you have a good grip, and hold it properly.
You love to empty your toy containers, fill them up, empty the toy container to put into another toy container.... over and over again. Mommy knows when you are done with this game is when you toss things. You love to pull your block wagon behind you. It is so cute because you always make sure to look back to make sure that the wagon is following you.
Balls, balls, you love balls. Each you see your balls, you say "ball". You learned to throw the ball, and at times, it is too aggressive. Mommy tells you, and show you how to throw the ball nicely. You also know to roll the ball, but get inpatient when the ball does not roll to you directly. You can kick the ball, but you always hold on, to make sure you do not fall.
You like Qiaohu,    a youtube videos that is educational that I allowed you to watch. You have learn so many different things as to like brushing teeth, going to the potty, eat by yourself, put toys away, and dancing.
Playing with your dolls and your stuff animals is always fun for you. Sometimes when you are eating lunch or dinner, you like to bring a doll or one of your stuff animals to the table with you and pretend to feed them. It is fun watching you bottle feed your doll- you have a play baby bottle. You know how to point out the doll's head, eyes, mouth, nose, hands, feet, and belly. With your stuff animals, you know how to point out their body parts as well.

Lina<3, my baby, no longer likes the high chair. We have a kids table and chair for you, which you learned to master how to climb up and down the chair very well. Still, Daddy and I always watch you when it is mealtime or snack time, so that you do not fall off the chair while eating or getting on or off of it. You are eating very well lately.  You are eating with a spoon by yourself well. Some times you do not want to be fed by Daddy or I, you want to feed yourself. You do not like to use your bib anymore, because Daddy and I do not use one. The foods that you like to eat are filet, chicken, rice and peas, corn on cob, blueberries, mango, cereal, cinnamon raisin bread, and long beans. At times, when you are not very hungry, you eat very slow. You would want to sit in your chair, or get up, run across the room, take one bite and do it over again. You are not drinking milk from your baby bottle any more. You are drinking milk with a straw in a cup. The process of weening you off the bottle was no fuss at all, and it has been two to three weeks already without the bottle. You did not get upset or cry for your bottle when you see Mommy put the bottles away.

 Oh, did I mention that we move from our old house to an apartment house (we had move since June 1st)? but you already know that. The transition of moving was easy peasy for you, as you did not have to do anything but have fun. Daddy did all the work (with some help)! Mommy just directed, and watched you so you do not get hurt, or in the way.  The apartment is almost all set up. Lina<3, your room was the first room to be finished - (will have pictures to show you in a later post). You love Mommy's mattress, (Mommy's mattress is on the floor, since Mommy had not gotten a new bed and mattress yet - it is so hard to find a good fit). You have learn to belly flop on the Mommy's mattress and pillows. You walk and dance comfortable on Mommy's bed. You climb up and off the mattress very well. Mommy was always concerned in beginning because you may fall off the bed, and hit your head.  Your toys are all the place, in every room. You love to run up and down the whole place. You love to walk up and down the stairs, with one hand on the wall, and one hand holding Mommy. It was surprising how well you accommodated to the new place, you had no problems sleeping in a new room.

 Your temperament has changed a lot. You are on your way to terrible twos or are you already there? When you do not get your way, you throw yourself on the floor, scream, cry, and scratch or stomp your feet, then throw yourself on the floor, scream, and cry, or pout your lips out, as if you are really say, eyes get droopy, then the tears come, and crying. When it is time to moisturize in the mornings and at bed time, you do not like it, usually runs away from me. When it comes to getting dressed, sometimes you do not like to, and run away from me. Most of the time, you direct your temper at Mommy. When you get this way, Mommy tries to talk to you to calm you down, hold you, distract you or just let you be for a few minutes.

Potty time started a long time ago, when Mommy first introduced you to the potty chair before you turned one years old.  PorPor is doing a good job training to sit on the potty, teaching you how to pee pee and poo poo in the potty chair. You do both now at PorPor's house, since April.  You are using the potty chair more often at home as well, mostly pee pee in the potty. PorPor said she does not put the diaper on when you are at her house and yesterday, you did not make any accidents at all without your diaper on, as she is telling you to go pee pee every hour or so. Within the last three months, you have learned how to pull of your pants/shorts/diaper down, and take it off by yourself. You also learned how to pull your pants and diaper up but sometimes you put your legs in the same area, so you need a little assistance pulling your pants or diaper up. Tday, you made a big poo poo at home in the morning, I was so happy :)

When Mommy asked you to take off your shirt, or your top, you pull your clothes up only, and Mommy does the rest by pulling it over your head. You are learning how take off your shoes and put them on. If your shoes does not have straps, then it easier for you to put on your shoes. You love to pull the straps of your shoes, especially when Mommy is driving you to PorPor's house during work days. It has become a routine that when you are in the car, you take off your shoes, put them back on, take it off, put them on, and then throw them to the seat next to you. You finally learned how to put your socks on, without any assistance from Mommy :) Mommy was so proud, because it used to frustrated you so much when you are unable to put the socks on by yourself.

My little Lina<3 is now 20months old now, and you are learning so fast, sometimes it is hard to keep up with you. Daddy and I love watching you develop and learn new things. I believe that we are all caught now.

Mommy loves you.

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