Thursday, August 29, 2013

18th Avenue Feast

My Little Lina<3,

As the day went on, Mommy picked you up from PorPor’s house and spent the early evening at the 18th Avenue Feast of 2013 as known as Festa di Santa Rosalia of Bensonhurst, NY. I thought it would be a nice event for us to go to, since it was part of Mommy’s teenage years. We went with your grandparents. Mommy had not been back to the feast in years and it was nice to know that not much has changed. Lina<3, you enjoyed walking around, running from one venue to another, and got scared of the ringing noise from the horse race game. You saw some ponies. PorPor won some prizes for you from a fishing game, a fish, and a butterfly. It was a good night. You went home and slept through the entire night.

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