Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Lina<3, you said “Elmo” yesterday!  It was so cute and came out of nowhere.  Mommy was trying to find your show (Qiaohu on youtube) but you saw Elmo, you pointed to the computer screen at Elmo, said “Elmo” a couple of times. It was clear.

So glad that this past Sunday, we brought  Elmo’s World First Flip Book Library. Today, "Elmo" is the word of the day, besides your usual words of "ma ma", "ba ba" (Daddy in Cantonese), "door", "more", "no", "gaau gaau" (to sleep in Cantonese), "car"...
(Lina<3 got really frustrated when the Velcro box cover would not open fast enough.)
(All is well for now.)

(Out of the all the four books, " Balls " is your favorite.)

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