Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Your Days with PorPor

While shopping with PorPor and GongGong, you started dancing to the music playing at the Gap (Seen in the last three pictures above with the flowery dress on).

There is a funny story with the last picture above, where you are sitting in a car (which is not yours).  PorPor said that you wanted to sit in this little boy’s car, so you gave him your favorite corn popper, and you got into the little boy’s car.  It is so cute, I wish that I was there to see it.  Don’t worry, we will get you your own little car.

Lina<3, you get to spend three days with PorPor (and sometimes GongGong) and you love to go to the park.  PorPor said that you always like to be outside, and complaints to go out as soon as you get to her house in the mornings. You are learning to play with the other kids at the playground, greetings neighbors in the neighborhood . You are learning so much with PorPor. Mommy is very proud of her little Lina<3 doing so well. :) Mommy loves you very much.

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