Wednesday, August 14, 2013


To my little Lina<3,

Daddy and I went to work today, did you have a good day at PorPor’s house?  I hope so.  I heard that you went for walks on the block.  The weather was so nice, breezy, cool, and low humidity.  This is good weather for you, as it makes your skin less itchy because the humidity makes your skin dry, and itchy. Mommy hopes that the weather stays like this for a while.

Did you like your new shoes? Lina<3 went a size up in your shoes. Although it is still a little big, but more comfortable, I hope so. I believe that you got use to wearing them because when I picked you up from PorPor’s house, it looked like you were walking better in them.

PorPor said that you were being picky about your lunch today and only ate a little bit. Even when PorPor made you fresh food, you still did not eat much of it. All you wanted are your snacks and fruits. Mommy is glad that you are eating your fruits and that you like your snacks but you need to eat your food. You had two good days of eating on Monday and Tuesday, with Daddy and I, where you ate all your food: 3 meals, and snacks. Before this past Monday, it seemed like you were on a liquid (milk, juice, and water) and bread diet (using this word: diet, very loosely) for the past five days. Please Lina<3, you need to eat more (yes, Lina<3, say “more” – yes you can say it now) so you can grow big and strong.

It is getting harder for you to fall asleep at PorPor’s house. Naptime was hard today, where you refused to sleep. All you wanted to do was play, play, and play. Eventually, you fell asleep around 3pm. That is not a good time to sleep because Mommy picks you up around 4:30-5pm. You have to understand that when you sleep that late, it ruins your bedtime routine. So tomorrow, make sure that you take a nap nap at PorPor’s house.

Did you pee pee and poop in potty at PorPor’s house? Yes, you did! We are very proud of you. PorPor said that you had only one pee pee accident where you did not go to to the potty chair fast enough, or soon enough. It is okay, accidents happens. It may take more accidents before you fully realize how to use the potty completely by yourself. So far, you are doing a great job! Mommy would say that you are almost potty trained.

Overall, you had a good day at PorPor’s house today! You played, peed, pooped, ate, played, went for a walk, ate, slept, and played.

On the way home, you were a good girl ( I think you said “good girl” after I gave you a shower, well at least it sound like it). You were not fussy while in the car, except when the sun was in your face.

You were picky about your dinner, and only ate the pasta, not the turkey breast. You did not want to use your utensil, only your hands, which created a big mess and then you wanted to go and play.

Play is all you want to do, lol.

Bath time is always fun for you. Afterwards, you do not like so much because Daddy puts you to sleep now. You cried and cried, threw a tantrum until Daddy distracted you. After a while, it was very nice to hear you laugh and giggle over the baby monitor (yes, we still use the baby monitor, so we can keep an ear out on what is going on in your room when you sleep).

Okay baby, now time for Mommy to sleep.  I love you always.

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