Thursday, August 29, 2013

The day so far...

To my little Lina<3,

How are you doing? I hope you are doing well. You woke up crying for us. Daddy came and got you right away. We put you on the potty chair but nothing happened. Mommy was able to wipe you down , brush your teeth, moisturized you, brushed your hair well, without any fuss (unlike some mornings - where you run away from me, do not want to brush your head or teeth... Lol). Breakfast was fine, you drank your soy milk through your sippy cup with straw (yes Lina<3, no more bottles), and ate dried is funny when we add soy milk to your cereal, you do not eat the cereal but only want to take sips of the soy milk. After breakfast, Mommy dressed you and fixed your hair.

 Are you having fun with PorPor? You will spend the day with PorPor while Daddy and I go to work - donot worry, it is only for three days. It has been difficult dropping you off with PorPor in the morning, you refused to go to PorPor. You would shake your head, say "no" while waving you finger back and forth, and hide behind my legs or want to be picked up. Meanwhile, in the mornings at home, Mommy tells you that we are going to see PorPor today and have fun with PorPor. You would get all excited and want to go and see PorPor, and you say "por por". In the car, right before we reach PorPor's house, Mommy tells you " we are almost there, we are going to see PorPor". You smiled. Mommy asked you, "do you want to go to PorPor's house". You said "no". Mommy : " are you sure" lets go see PorPor". You say, "no". Then you say "no PorPor" that comment made laugh so much.

You are putting two to three words together. Mommy is so proud of you. You are learning so many things. Lina<3 knows what you like and does not like.
Do you know that you are officially 21 months old today? Mommy can't believe it, you will be two years old in a few months.  I remember when you were in Mommy's belly, the birthing process, your first year, the eczema symptoms (which you still suffers from but it is very mild and under control), and your milestones. It has been great, and will continue to be great (hopefully with less temper tantrums... But I love those moments too) as you continue to grow, and learn.

Mommy is looking forward to picking you up in the evening. In the meantime, have fun with PorPor. Mommy loves you.

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