Saturday, August 17, 2013


To my little Lina<3,
You have become quite the little helper lately. You like to “maat maat” (meaning to wipe in Cantonese) after your meals. When Mommy cleans up after you, you like to help, so I give you a paper towel. If you see Mommy maat maat the table, you do the same. If you see Mommy maat maat the floors, where your foods had fell, you do the same. You do a job well done, helping Mommy. Sometimes, you are so into cleaning that you clean your toys as well. You go across the room to your toys and clean them up too with the paper towel. Mommy cheered for you as you clean and that made you want to clean even more.

Today, you were playing the dust pan and broom. After dinner, you wanted to clean all your mess on the floor, you took the initiative, went to get the dust pan and broom, and started to sweep. Mommy helped you, since your coordination was not that good, and you were getting frustrated that the dust pan handle kept falling on the floor. Afterwards, Daddy and I clapped for you, and told you what a job well done you have done.

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