Thursday, August 22, 2013

First of Many Conversations

To my little Lina<3
How are you doing? I hope that you will have a good night sleep tonight. You usually sleep well without waking up in the middle of the night.
I had the greatest phone conversation with you this afternoon. It was the first phone conversation we ever had. It was so cute, and adorable, and Mommy could not be happier. It made Mommy smiled a lot. While Mommy was on my lunch break, I called PorPor to check up on you, and you answered the phone. Usually I called PorPor daily throughout the day, while you are spending the day with her, and she puts the phone to your ear, and you do not say anything, but sometimes presses buttons on the phone, and ends up hanging up the call.
So today’s phone conversation went like this.
I called. My phone said the phone call went through but no one answered on the other end.
Mommy calls again:
Mommy: Hello ma! (expecting it to be PorPor)
    No answer.
Mommy: Hello ma, ma, ma?
Lina<3: eh eh eh (baby babbles)
Mommy: Lina<3, is that you?
Lina<3: eh ehe ehee (more baby babbles in excitement)
Mommy: Hi Lina<3!
Mommy: can you say hi mama
Lina<3: mama, mama
Mommy: how are you doing?
Lina<3: mama, mama, mama, baba, baba (daddy in Cantonese)
Mommy: what are you doing?
Lina<3: (baby babbles……..) baba
Mommy: baba is at work, you will see him later.
Lina<3: ehe, ehe  (more baby babbles)
Mommy: did you eat your food today?
Lina<3: No! ehehee ehee (more baby babbles)
Mommy: why didn’t you eat?
Lina<3: eh eh ehe ( more baby babbles)
Mommy: okay Lina<3, did you take a nap nap?
Lina<3: nap nap
Mommy: yes nap nap, will take a nap nap? fan gau gau (to go to sleep)?
PorPor realized that you are talking to Mommy, and asked if you called Mommy or not. Lina<3 refused to pass the phone to PorPor, and fussed when the phone went o PorPor.
Lina<3 in the background, go eh eh, screamed a little because Mommy had to speak to PorPor for a little bit. The phone went back to you.
Mommy: say mama
Lina<3: mama
Mommy: say buh bye mama
Lina<3: mama
Mommy: buh bye
Lina<3: buh bye

I was so happy after talking to you, and looking forward to more conversations with you on the phone especially while Mommy is working. Mommy misses you very much when I am at work. I had to call Daddy right away to tell him about the conversation.  This is going to be the first of many, many, many conversations!
I love you always, muah.

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