Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mommy's Day Off

My Little Lina<3,

We had a good day, didn't we? It was Mommy's day off from work, let the fun begin...

You woke up at 7am this morning, and Mommy took care of you. You made poop and pee pee in the potty first thing in the morning after getting up. Then it was time for breakfast which Daddy prepared for us (so nice of him).  Mommy always had to sit with you at your little table (kids' table), otherwise you do not eat well. Afterwards, we said “buh bye” to Daddy as he heads off to work. You pee peed in potty chair again through out the day. You had made two pee pee accidents. You pooped again in the potty after your nap. When it comes to using the potty, Mommy reminds you when you need to sit on the potty (a new record, you pooped twice in the potty at home). There were some rare occasions when you would indicate that you have to sit on the potty. There were a few temper tantrums when you could not get the snack that you want, or when you did not want to take a nap (and you have such a temper). Overall you had fun, watching your shows on youtube. We read, dance, chase you around and played.

It rained a lot through the day. Thunder scares you, and it made you run to me. After the thunder stopped, every noise that you heard outside (either a noisy trunk, car, car alarm, airplane, or bus passing by) startles you, and made you run to me. Mommy had been comforting you all day, (and I do not mind at all) by telling that all these noises were outside that there was nothing to be afraid of. Toward the end of the day, you understood this, but still you need some comforting as well when you heard any noises outside the window.

The evening was fun. When Daddy came home, he chase you around a lot, and you love it. We sat at the kids table with you during dinner time. It was fun for you since you were able to eat off your bowl, Daddy's plate, and mine as well. You eventually took over Mommy's plate, instead of eating from your bowl. Mommy did not mind but found it funny, lol.

I hope that you do not feel neglected at times, because Mommy is tired throughout the day and needs to lie down and rest. (Yes, baby Bunny makes me very tired) Mommy is doing the best I can to take care of your needs as fast as I can. Muah, Mommy loves you.

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