Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Daddy Time

When Mommy works on the weekends, it is Daddy who is with you all day. Daddy is doing a great job taking care of little Lina<3. You love to spend time with Daddy :) and the two of you have so much fun together.


The picture below, where you are sliding down the slide all by yourself. Daddy took you to the park after dropping Mommy off at work. You are such a big girl, going down the slide by yourself. I wish that I was there to see it. Mommy have many firsts with you, so it is only fair that you have some firsts with Daddy.

In the two pictures above with the dog, Daddy said that you were chasing the dog all around the park, lol.


Lina<3, you are Daddy’s little girl! and always will be!  In the last picture, that is how you smile for the camera, lol.

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