Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Big Announcement...

My little Lina<3...

You are going to be a big "jie jie" (big sister in Chinese) soon. Of course, you already knew that since day one, since the pregnancy test in April. Yeah, Mommy is going to have a baby. Mommy shows you where baby is all the time by pointing to the belly. I did it so often that when I say baby, you would point to your belly, lol. You also know the baby as Bunny, a nickname for the baby. You give Bunny kisses almost every day. As you see Mommy's growing belly, you are becoming aware that something is going on. Do you know that Bunny responses to your voice especially when you are loud? Yes, that is right, Bunny kicks when you are laughing, screaming, and having fun. I think that you will be a good big sister.

In the first trimester, Mommy was extremely exhausted (as expected), so Mommy did not play with you that often. Mommy is trying to accommodate you as much as possible by playing with you more, by having fun with you, teaching you different things, and just spending more time with you.

I love you my little Lina<3 and I know that you are going be a good big sister to Bunny. I know that Bunny is going to love you. 
24 weeks and counting
Taken at 24 weeks  (Look Lina<3 :That is where Bunny is)

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