Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Picky Eater

Oh my little Lina<3,

You have not been eating your meals very well. Lina<3, you have been picky at every meal- breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When it comes to snacks, you like to eat it and eat it all, as well as ask for more. You like snacks so much that you started to say the word, "snack." At least it sounds like the word, "snack" - "sssnnac" while pointing to your mouth with your finger.

The refusal to eat  your meals does not stop at home but also with PorPor when you spend three days with her. It is becoming more and  more difficult to feed. We (your parents and grandparents) had tried various ways of getting you to eat more. With PorPor, she tried to feed you with different utensils, using different bowls, and using different locations of where to feed you.  The same things happens at home for the last weeks. It is hard to feed you. Sometimes, you just want to feed yourself or play with your food and not eat the food. Mommy always sit with you at your kiddie table, so that you can eat better. But sometimes you just fuss and do not want to eat at all.

I need to find new ways to feed you. Mommy needs to find different recipes for you to try, although that is tricky too because you do not like new things.

Okay, let's hope that today is a better eating day.


  1. My little daughter was a picky eater for the longest time! It really took years to get her to eat healthy foods! All I can say is just keep trying! Keep giving her a variety of foods (even foods that she has refused before) and eventually she'll start trying a little more and a little more! It's not easy, but it will help her so much! She's a cutie!

    1. Thank you Katie! I keep on trying different foods, foods that she refused before, as long as she is eating something, I am happy. Right now, she eats when she wants lol.