Thursday, August 22, 2013

Playdate With Sophia

Little Lina<3, you had a playdate with one of Mommy’s friend’s daughter, Sophia, this past Tuesday. At first you were shy and did not want to do anything, but you started to play, you acted like it was your house, moving all of Sophia’s toys to different locations of the play area. You had fun playing with her toys, even though sometimes, Sophia did not want to share her toys with you. You did not want to share your toys either. The two of you, played more apart than actually together, but that is the stage where you guys are.   Mommy realizes that you are a little bully, and aggressive when it came to playing with Sophia’s toy kitchen (which you love). You pushed little Sophia a couple of times. There were times when you wanted to hugged Sophia, but she was not paying attention to you so you ended up hugging her back. Same thing happens when Sophia wants to hug you, you run away or was not paying attention and she hugged you sideways, lol.

It was cute watching you interact with Sophia. Not only did you make a new friend, you also met Sophia’s baby brother, Ivan. We only played with little Ivan a little bit, because he was napping on the swing or being fed by auntie Natalie (Mommy’s friend). We have to see them more often.

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