Saturday, August 31, 2013


 Hi Lina<3

We brought your first pair of TOMS. It was so exciting and cute!  When we went into the shoe store, you wanted to pick up every pair of shoes and try it, even though some of the shoes you picked up were not your size at all. The shoe store had a adult shoes as well as children’s.  You like your TOMS so much that you had to wear it out, once we brought it. I think you are going to be like Mommy, who like shoes – maybe it is a girl thing.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The day so far...

To my little Lina<3,

How are you doing? I hope you are doing well. You woke up crying for us. Daddy came and got you right away. We put you on the potty chair but nothing happened. Mommy was able to wipe you down , brush your teeth, moisturized you, brushed your hair well, without any fuss (unlike some mornings - where you run away from me, do not want to brush your head or teeth... Lol). Breakfast was fine, you drank your soy milk through your sippy cup with straw (yes Lina<3, no more bottles), and ate dried is funny when we add soy milk to your cereal, you do not eat the cereal but only want to take sips of the soy milk. After breakfast, Mommy dressed you and fixed your hair.

 Are you having fun with PorPor? You will spend the day with PorPor while Daddy and I go to work - donot worry, it is only for three days. It has been difficult dropping you off with PorPor in the morning, you refused to go to PorPor. You would shake your head, say "no" while waving you finger back and forth, and hide behind my legs or want to be picked up. Meanwhile, in the mornings at home, Mommy tells you that we are going to see PorPor today and have fun with PorPor. You would get all excited and want to go and see PorPor, and you say "por por". In the car, right before we reach PorPor's house, Mommy tells you " we are almost there, we are going to see PorPor". You smiled. Mommy asked you, "do you want to go to PorPor's house". You said "no". Mommy : " are you sure" lets go see PorPor". You say, "no". Then you say "no PorPor" that comment made laugh so much.

You are putting two to three words together. Mommy is so proud of you. You are learning so many things. Lina<3 knows what you like and does not like.
Do you know that you are officially 21 months old today? Mommy can't believe it, you will be two years old in a few months.  I remember when you were in Mommy's belly, the birthing process, your first year, the eczema symptoms (which you still suffers from but it is very mild and under control), and your milestones. It has been great, and will continue to be great (hopefully with less temper tantrums... But I love those moments too) as you continue to grow, and learn.

Mommy is looking forward to picking you up in the evening. In the meantime, have fun with PorPor. Mommy loves you.

18th Avenue Feast

My Little Lina<3,

As the day went on, Mommy picked you up from PorPor’s house and spent the early evening at the 18th Avenue Feast of 2013 as known as Festa di Santa Rosalia of Bensonhurst, NY. I thought it would be a nice event for us to go to, since it was part of Mommy’s teenage years. We went with your grandparents. Mommy had not been back to the feast in years and it was nice to know that not much has changed. Lina<3, you enjoyed walking around, running from one venue to another, and got scared of the ringing noise from the horse race game. You saw some ponies. PorPor won some prizes for you from a fishing game, a fish, and a butterfly. It was a good night. You went home and slept through the entire night.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Picky Eater

Oh my little Lina<3,

You have not been eating your meals very well. Lina<3, you have been picky at every meal- breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When it comes to snacks, you like to eat it and eat it all, as well as ask for more. You like snacks so much that you started to say the word, "snack." At least it sounds like the word, "snack" - "sssnnac" while pointing to your mouth with your finger.

The refusal to eat  your meals does not stop at home but also with PorPor when you spend three days with her. It is becoming more and  more difficult to feed. We (your parents and grandparents) had tried various ways of getting you to eat more. With PorPor, she tried to feed you with different utensils, using different bowls, and using different locations of where to feed you.  The same things happens at home for the last weeks. It is hard to feed you. Sometimes, you just want to feed yourself or play with your food and not eat the food. Mommy always sit with you at your kiddie table, so that you can eat better. But sometimes you just fuss and do not want to eat at all.

I need to find new ways to feed you. Mommy needs to find different recipes for you to try, although that is tricky too because you do not like new things.

Okay, let's hope that today is a better eating day.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Playdate With Sophia

Little Lina<3, you had a playdate with one of Mommy’s friend’s daughter, Sophia, this past Tuesday. At first you were shy and did not want to do anything, but you started to play, you acted like it was your house, moving all of Sophia’s toys to different locations of the play area. You had fun playing with her toys, even though sometimes, Sophia did not want to share her toys with you. You did not want to share your toys either. The two of you, played more apart than actually together, but that is the stage where you guys are.   Mommy realizes that you are a little bully, and aggressive when it came to playing with Sophia’s toy kitchen (which you love). You pushed little Sophia a couple of times. There were times when you wanted to hugged Sophia, but she was not paying attention to you so you ended up hugging her back. Same thing happens when Sophia wants to hug you, you run away or was not paying attention and she hugged you sideways, lol.

It was cute watching you interact with Sophia. Not only did you make a new friend, you also met Sophia’s baby brother, Ivan. We only played with little Ivan a little bit, because he was napping on the swing or being fed by auntie Natalie (Mommy’s friend). We have to see them more often.

First of Many Conversations

To my little Lina<3
How are you doing? I hope that you will have a good night sleep tonight. You usually sleep well without waking up in the middle of the night.
I had the greatest phone conversation with you this afternoon. It was the first phone conversation we ever had. It was so cute, and adorable, and Mommy could not be happier. It made Mommy smiled a lot. While Mommy was on my lunch break, I called PorPor to check up on you, and you answered the phone. Usually I called PorPor daily throughout the day, while you are spending the day with her, and she puts the phone to your ear, and you do not say anything, but sometimes presses buttons on the phone, and ends up hanging up the call.
So today’s phone conversation went like this.
I called. My phone said the phone call went through but no one answered on the other end.
Mommy calls again:
Mommy: Hello ma! (expecting it to be PorPor)
    No answer.
Mommy: Hello ma, ma, ma?
Lina<3: eh eh eh (baby babbles)
Mommy: Lina<3, is that you?
Lina<3: eh ehe ehee (more baby babbles in excitement)
Mommy: Hi Lina<3!
Mommy: can you say hi mama
Lina<3: mama, mama
Mommy: how are you doing?
Lina<3: mama, mama, mama, baba, baba (daddy in Cantonese)
Mommy: what are you doing?
Lina<3: (baby babbles……..) baba
Mommy: baba is at work, you will see him later.
Lina<3: ehe, ehe  (more baby babbles)
Mommy: did you eat your food today?
Lina<3: No! ehehee ehee (more baby babbles)
Mommy: why didn’t you eat?
Lina<3: eh eh ehe ( more baby babbles)
Mommy: okay Lina<3, did you take a nap nap?
Lina<3: nap nap
Mommy: yes nap nap, will take a nap nap? fan gau gau (to go to sleep)?
PorPor realized that you are talking to Mommy, and asked if you called Mommy or not. Lina<3 refused to pass the phone to PorPor, and fussed when the phone went o PorPor.
Lina<3 in the background, go eh eh, screamed a little because Mommy had to speak to PorPor for a little bit. The phone went back to you.
Mommy: say mama
Lina<3: mama
Mommy: say buh bye mama
Lina<3: mama
Mommy: buh bye
Lina<3: buh bye

I was so happy after talking to you, and looking forward to more conversations with you on the phone especially while Mommy is working. Mommy misses you very much when I am at work. I had to call Daddy right away to tell him about the conversation.  This is going to be the first of many, many, many conversations!
I love you always, muah.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


To my little Lina<3,
You have become quite the little helper lately. You like to “maat maat” (meaning to wipe in Cantonese) after your meals. When Mommy cleans up after you, you like to help, so I give you a paper towel. If you see Mommy maat maat the table, you do the same. If you see Mommy maat maat the floors, where your foods had fell, you do the same. You do a job well done, helping Mommy. Sometimes, you are so into cleaning that you clean your toys as well. You go across the room to your toys and clean them up too with the paper towel. Mommy cheered for you as you clean and that made you want to clean even more.

Today, you were playing the dust pan and broom. After dinner, you wanted to clean all your mess on the floor, you took the initiative, went to get the dust pan and broom, and started to sweep. Mommy helped you, since your coordination was not that good, and you were getting frustrated that the dust pan handle kept falling on the floor. Afterwards, Daddy and I clapped for you, and told you what a job well done you have done.


My little Lina<3,
You had received your “Elmo” doll this past Monday, and you love it! It was a gift from Tymel "ge ge”. Say thank you to Tymel ge ge!

After opening to gift, Elmo went everywhere with Lina<3. Sometimes you do get a little bored of it, but overall, you like your Elmo doll a lot. :) Tymel ge ge did a good job picking it out for you with Mommy’s guidelines for appropriate dolls for you (which are make sure sure the doll’s fur-if any, does not pull off easily, make sure the eyeballs don’t come off easily, and make sure it was age appropriate for you).

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


To my little Lina<3,

Daddy and I went to work today, did you have a good day at PorPor’s house?  I hope so.  I heard that you went for walks on the block.  The weather was so nice, breezy, cool, and low humidity.  This is good weather for you, as it makes your skin less itchy because the humidity makes your skin dry, and itchy. Mommy hopes that the weather stays like this for a while.

Did you like your new shoes? Lina<3 went a size up in your shoes. Although it is still a little big, but more comfortable, I hope so. I believe that you got use to wearing them because when I picked you up from PorPor’s house, it looked like you were walking better in them.

PorPor said that you were being picky about your lunch today and only ate a little bit. Even when PorPor made you fresh food, you still did not eat much of it. All you wanted are your snacks and fruits. Mommy is glad that you are eating your fruits and that you like your snacks but you need to eat your food. You had two good days of eating on Monday and Tuesday, with Daddy and I, where you ate all your food: 3 meals, and snacks. Before this past Monday, it seemed like you were on a liquid (milk, juice, and water) and bread diet (using this word: diet, very loosely) for the past five days. Please Lina<3, you need to eat more (yes, Lina<3, say “more” – yes you can say it now) so you can grow big and strong.

It is getting harder for you to fall asleep at PorPor’s house. Naptime was hard today, where you refused to sleep. All you wanted to do was play, play, and play. Eventually, you fell asleep around 3pm. That is not a good time to sleep because Mommy picks you up around 4:30-5pm. You have to understand that when you sleep that late, it ruins your bedtime routine. So tomorrow, make sure that you take a nap nap at PorPor’s house.

Did you pee pee and poop in potty at PorPor’s house? Yes, you did! We are very proud of you. PorPor said that you had only one pee pee accident where you did not go to to the potty chair fast enough, or soon enough. It is okay, accidents happens. It may take more accidents before you fully realize how to use the potty completely by yourself. So far, you are doing a great job! Mommy would say that you are almost potty trained.

Overall, you had a good day at PorPor’s house today! You played, peed, pooped, ate, played, went for a walk, ate, slept, and played.

On the way home, you were a good girl ( I think you said “good girl” after I gave you a shower, well at least it sound like it). You were not fussy while in the car, except when the sun was in your face.

You were picky about your dinner, and only ate the pasta, not the turkey breast. You did not want to use your utensil, only your hands, which created a big mess and then you wanted to go and play.

Play is all you want to do, lol.

Bath time is always fun for you. Afterwards, you do not like so much because Daddy puts you to sleep now. You cried and cried, threw a tantrum until Daddy distracted you. After a while, it was very nice to hear you laugh and giggle over the baby monitor (yes, we still use the baby monitor, so we can keep an ear out on what is going on in your room when you sleep).

Okay baby, now time for Mommy to sleep.  I love you always.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mommy's Day Off

My Little Lina<3,

We had a good day, didn't we? It was Mommy's day off from work, let the fun begin...

You woke up at 7am this morning, and Mommy took care of you. You made poop and pee pee in the potty first thing in the morning after getting up. Then it was time for breakfast which Daddy prepared for us (so nice of him).  Mommy always had to sit with you at your little table (kids' table), otherwise you do not eat well. Afterwards, we said “buh bye” to Daddy as he heads off to work. You pee peed in potty chair again through out the day. You had made two pee pee accidents. You pooped again in the potty after your nap. When it comes to using the potty, Mommy reminds you when you need to sit on the potty (a new record, you pooped twice in the potty at home). There were some rare occasions when you would indicate that you have to sit on the potty. There were a few temper tantrums when you could not get the snack that you want, or when you did not want to take a nap (and you have such a temper). Overall you had fun, watching your shows on youtube. We read, dance, chase you around and played.

It rained a lot through the day. Thunder scares you, and it made you run to me. After the thunder stopped, every noise that you heard outside (either a noisy trunk, car, car alarm, airplane, or bus passing by) startles you, and made you run to me. Mommy had been comforting you all day, (and I do not mind at all) by telling that all these noises were outside that there was nothing to be afraid of. Toward the end of the day, you understood this, but still you need some comforting as well when you heard any noises outside the window.

The evening was fun. When Daddy came home, he chase you around a lot, and you love it. We sat at the kids table with you during dinner time. It was fun for you since you were able to eat off your bowl, Daddy's plate, and mine as well. You eventually took over Mommy's plate, instead of eating from your bowl. Mommy did not mind but found it funny, lol.

I hope that you do not feel neglected at times, because Mommy is tired throughout the day and needs to lie down and rest. (Yes, baby Bunny makes me very tired) Mommy is doing the best I can to take care of your needs as fast as I can. Muah, Mommy loves you.

Daddy Time

When Mommy works on the weekends, it is Daddy who is with you all day. Daddy is doing a great job taking care of little Lina<3. You love to spend time with Daddy :) and the two of you have so much fun together.


The picture below, where you are sliding down the slide all by yourself. Daddy took you to the park after dropping Mommy off at work. You are such a big girl, going down the slide by yourself. I wish that I was there to see it. Mommy have many firsts with you, so it is only fair that you have some firsts with Daddy.

In the two pictures above with the dog, Daddy said that you were chasing the dog all around the park, lol.


Lina<3, you are Daddy’s little girl! and always will be!  In the last picture, that is how you smile for the camera, lol.

Your Days with PorPor

While shopping with PorPor and GongGong, you started dancing to the music playing at the Gap (Seen in the last three pictures above with the flowery dress on).

There is a funny story with the last picture above, where you are sitting in a car (which is not yours).  PorPor said that you wanted to sit in this little boy’s car, so you gave him your favorite corn popper, and you got into the little boy’s car.  It is so cute, I wish that I was there to see it.  Don’t worry, we will get you your own little car.

Lina<3, you get to spend three days with PorPor (and sometimes GongGong) and you love to go to the park.  PorPor said that you always like to be outside, and complaints to go out as soon as you get to her house in the mornings. You are learning to play with the other kids at the playground, greetings neighbors in the neighborhood . You are learning so much with PorPor. Mommy is very proud of her little Lina<3 doing so well. :) Mommy loves you very much.