Thursday, February 28, 2013

All About Lina on Social Media...?

Hmmm Lina<3, do you want a Facebook page, or a Twitter account, or a YouTube channel or Pinterest? The only social medias that Mommy understands well are Facebook and YouTube. Twitter and Pinterest are a little of a mystery to me. Isn't this blog consist social media? Well Lina<3, you have not answer Mommy, do you want expand your blog with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Pinterest? Mommy knows that it will take years for you to answer me. Mommy will make a decision for you. There are some ups and downs to using these social media accounts.The one questions is will Mommy have the time to keep up with all these things? I am not doing that great of a job keeping up with your blog here. And are you a little young to have these social media accounts? lol Mommy will making accounts for you, so that should not be a problem.

There are many things to consider... I will be updating you soon...

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Eczema Update

What is going with the symptoms of your eczema? Well Lina<3, let Mommy tell you:

Lina<3, symptoms of the eczema has been very minimal. The dryness on your body is well maintained, and managed with daily moisturizing for few times a day (three to four times a day). Mommy is trying a different moisturizers to see which one last the longest on your skin in term of moisture. The Aquaphor Baby healing ointment was not good for your skin. It made you even itchier, which made you scratch even more. You tried it for a few days, and Mommy figure out that this ointment had to be culprit. After eliminating it, it was definite that ointment was making your scratch more. You were having an allergic reaction to Aquaphor ointment. The Weleda calendula ointment was not effective enough on your skin. Mommy only put the calendula ointment on your red cheeks (when you have redness cheeks due to a reaction to too much wheat or change in temperature), but it did clear it up a little bit and then the redness would come back worst later in the day. This calendula ointment needed to be constantly applied to the cheeks. Mommy concluded that we do not need this calendula ointment anymore. We had tried this last summer, (and it was not effective), and tried it again about a few weeks ago for a few days, and still is not effective enough for you to continue using it.
The dermatologist suggested that we used a drop of baby oil (Johnson's brand used) on your scalp to control the cradle caps on your head, after washing your hair. After using the baby oil on your head a few times (after shampooing your head with Cetaphil Restoraderm body wash), it made your scratched your head intensely. Although the baby oil seemed to have kept your scalp less flaky and moist, it was not something we should continue using. Mommy used a tiny drop of extra virgin olive oil instead on your head (after washing it), and it kept your head moist. We do not use too much of the oil as oil does clogged up the skin, and we do not want that to happen. Mommy brushes your hair daily (three times a day) to keep your scalp from drying up to much, and helps with the massages your head so you do not feel the need to scratch.

Food elimination was tricky, and not so fun for you. From your recent blood work, you have allergies to peanuts, cow's milk, and egg whites. There are some allergens to wheat and soybean products as well. It was easy to eliminate cow's milk, and peanuts all together from your diet since you never had it in the first place. When Mommy was still breastfeeding you, Mommy eliminated these things from my diet as well, and had good results. The tricky part is how much soybean products and wheat products to give you. You are on organic soy milk (regular, not formula), and you can not have any other soybean products with it. When it comes to wheat products, you can not take more than two slices of whole wheat bread, or too much of your organic puff snacks (which contains wheat). If you have too much wheat products, it makes your cheeks bright red, warm, and scaly.

Lina<3, you will continue to use Cetaphil Restoraderm body moisturizer, and Alba unpetroleum jelly on your skin. As needed, we use hydrocortisone ointment, and antihistamine to control itchiness. As your pediatrician said "you have to control the itch to control the scratching". There is still minimal scratching but it has been managed. Mommy does remind not to scratch when you are scratchy and directed you to do something else. With less scratching, your skin healing up, and there are less dry, and dark skin patches on your neck, arms, and legs. Your left ear has been healed and the skin no longer opens up. Your ankles are better looking since you stop scratching them so much, and the skin on your ankles does not get red or open  up.

Lina<3, your skin has come a long (since three months old) and it is looking better and better with less dryness and scaly skin. We are on the right path to being eczema-free...

Feel to share one's eczema update as well, and what works. 

Two Wonderful Nights!

Lina<3, you had two wonderful nights in a row. Two good nights of sleep. The night before, you slept through the entire night without a noise. You woke up so cheerful, and full of energy.  Last night, you woke up around 11:20pm, and Mommy went to comfort you after ten minutes of fussing (hoping that you will fall asleep on your own but you did not) and you slept til morning. I am glad that nothing was bothering you, like your teeth coming out, and you were able to sleep well during the night. Maybe this is your way of telling Mommy that you are getting older, and you are going to sleep better.

Paperback books

Books, books, you love your books. When you are playing or being changed, your books are always nearby. With your books, you are learning to turn the pages yourself. It is easier to turn the pages on a board book then it is on a paperback book. However, you are learning to use your thumb and index finger to figure out how to turn the pages. Sometimes you get frustrated, and look for me to help you. Mommy encourages you to try again or give you a little help. Other time you turned the pages with easy efforts, and you just continue to "read" the book.  It is so fun watching you learn, and problem solve (trying to figure out how to turn the pages without getting too frustrated).

Nose and Index Finger

My little one has discovered your own nose with your index finger. At first, it started out with you just poking around your face. Then it was poking around the outside of your nose. Afterwards, it was the inside of your nose, lol. Mommy praised you for knowing where your nose is but not when you started to you "pick your nose". Mommy is redirecting you from picking your nose, a habit that I do not want you to pick up. So far, you are listening to Mommy when Mommy asked you to stop.

Monday, February 25, 2013

No More Breastmilk

I know  Lina<3, Mommy said that you will be breastfed for as long as you want it. It was becoming easier to breastfeed you less and less, as you are consuming more during the day, and does not need to be nursed constantly. Last month, we started to ween you off Mommy's breast. It started during the daytime. We went from three nursing to two nursing to one and then to none during the daytime. The process was gradual, you even stopped reaching inside Mommy's shirt for breast milk. Once the daytime nursing stopped, we gradually stopped the nighttime nursing as well. The nighttime nursing were the hardest. It came down to just one nighttime nursing that was always in the middle of the night. The nursing at night was the only thing that would calm you down from waking up screaming, and crying. It has been two weeks since I last nursed you at night, and so far so good. There were only two nights where Mommy gave you a bottle of milk when nothing worked to calmed you down. The thing that has helped within these last two weeks was that you were taking antihistamine (as prescribed by the doctor) at bedtime, and it has helped you sleep through the night, without waking up and nursing. Now you are no longer being breastfed. Sometimes at nighttime you would wake up and Mommy would rocked you on the rocking chair (where Mommy does the nighttime nursing), you would reach for Mommy's shirt for milk but a gentle removal of your hand, "no", and a song or two, you were fine.

I do miss breastfeeding you. There is a certain closeness that cannot be describe in words but only a mother would know. Mommy loves to breastfeed you. It was hard in the beginning, but it got better. Then you started to have teeth and bite, which made it harder to continue breastfeeding after you turned one years old. The end of breastfeeding means the start of something great for your palate with all the wonderful and delicious dishes that Daddy and I make for you. So my little baby Lina<3, do not miss Mommy's breast milk too much, as you will have many more things to look forward to.


This evening Lina<3, you were screaming a lot while you were playing. High pitch scream in excitement, and always close by Mommy. When you were about to come towards Mommy's way, you get excited, and then SCREAMMMM! with Mommy nearby. Mommy shushed you a little, and try to teach you indoor voices. Indoor voices means that we have to speak softly and not scream so loudly. You are quite the little screamer. Mommy's ears are still a little sensitive from all the screaming that you did, before you went to bed.

Mommy loves that you were in such a good mood. Mommy loves that you were so playful. Mommy loves you very much, very much!.

Sunday Outing-Barnes and Nobles

Lina<3, you went to a bookstore yesterday.  We went to Barnes and Nobles and you had a ball. Mommy  usually order your books online, so this was such a nice experience for you. You got to socialized with the kids that were there. You walked around in the children's area, and picked up (pulled) every books that you could reach. The bigger the book, and the higher the shelf where the book is locate, the more like you were going to reach for it. You did not want the baby board books, you wanted to look at the older children's books with chapters, and with small words. Lina<3, you went up to kids, and stood next to them. Other children thought you were so adorable and cute. You talked loudly, and tried to follow other kids around, lol. There was a play table in the game area, and you played with some pieces of Lego. Mommy  let  you walked around where you wanted. There was bookshelf with some stuff animals that you tried to pull down, and put them all on the floor. Mommy tried to teach you that you have to put things back where they belong. Now getting you ready to leave was a little problematic as you did not want to leave. You had to be picked up, walked over the register, and purchased two board books :)

You enjoyed your new books :) Let's  hope that it stays in one peace and not be a victim of being chewed up, lol (like your other board books).

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Learning New Things...

Lina<3 at 14months, you are growing up so well. You are so simply adorable. You have learned a lot, and still have more to learn. Majority of the time, the only word that you are saying is "dada". But you do know how to say, bear, duck, mama, book, box, and ball (at least it sounds like ball, lol). The only time you say "mama" is when you wake up in the middle of night screaming and crying. 

A new thing you have learned is "maw-ah". Kisses from Lina<3 to Daddy and I. It is so cute. You go "maw-ah" and stick your lips towards us and kiss us.

We are learning the learning the letter "A". Mommy shows you how to write it with your crayon in your notepad (that you scribble on). Mommy says "A" repeatedly and sometimes you repeat after me. When you repeat after me, it sounds like "A" after a few tries but other times it just sounds like "ah".

Lina<3, you are also learning the concept of big and small. Mommy shows you big and small blocks, big and small balls, big and small Hello Kitty toys, big and small books; and big Mommy and small Lina<3. It gets repeated throughout the day during playtime. You have not understand it yet but you will with practice and repetition.

Sleep and Teething

Last night was terrible for you, Lina<3. Teething issue. Your bottom molars are swollen, and it was painful for you. Your top molars have peeked out already and that makes ten little teeth in your mouth. Nothing was able to help you sleep. Lina<3, you woke up at 11:40pm and stayed up til 2:11am.  Mommy had comforted you the best that Mommy could, by picking you up, rocking you, singing to you, and holding you. As soon as Mommy puts you down on the crib, you sleep for no more than ten minutes at a time for those two hours or so. Mommy could tell that you were tired. Mommy also tried giving you a bottle of milk but it did not help much. After two hours, you had tired yourself out and slept.

Roti Time

(Lina<3, Ahh, the benefits of being married to a Trini --amazing curry chicken-with channa also  known as chickpeas, potatoes, and eggplant, also know as melongene or baigan.)
(Lots of work, but so worth it.)
(Lina<3 making the dahl puri roti. Pretty good with the rolling pin ^_^)

(Lina<3 realizes that making dahl puri really is hard work.)
(Getting some pointers on rolling out the dough. It is one of 18 dahl puri rotis.)
(Here is Lina<3 is wondering if there is a need to use both ends of the rolling pin.)

(Lina<3 pointing out that the rolling pin needs more flour in it.)

(Lina's<3 trying to take a shortcut with rolling out the dough. Who needs handles? lol)
(A job well done by our little Lina<3. Is the tawah ready Mommy?-said Lina<3)
(Okay, so it is not as round as it should be and that is because we are not using a tawah. But still Lina<3 would say that it is the best dahl puri ever!)
(Lina<3, relishing your dahl puri that you worked so hard making.)
(Lina<3 wonders where your curry chicken to go with the dahl puri.)
Lina<3, there is nothing like tearing into a dahl puri especially if it was made by you. Righ, Lina<3?)
(The next day, still enjoying your dahl puri roti rolled up with curry chicken and rice.)
(Lina's<3 curry chicken with your dahl puri roti. It was a big dahl puri roti and you finished it all.)

Chinese New Year Pictures

First Time Painting

Friday, February 22, 2013

Valentine’s Day Pictures

(Daddy is reading your Valentine's day card to you.)

(Lina<3 we were suppose to decorate cupcakes together but all you wanted to do was eat, eat, eat.)

(Your aunt and cousins gave you a Valentine's Day present :) and you love it so much, and has been playing with it every day

First Blizzard of 2013

(Feb 8, 2013)
(Feb 8, 2013, the first blizzard of 2013 and the snow is coming down harder in the evening. Luckily, we made it home just fine after being with PorPor for the afternoon. We stopped for gas first, but there was not any. It is crazy, we went to three different gas stations, and Daddy stopped by a lot more before getting us, but eventually found some.)
(Feb 9, 2013, with your first pair of sunglasses from Babiators. It has sun protections which was very important when I was looking for sunglasses for Lina<3. You did not like it at first but when the sun was glaring in your eyes, you accepted it and left it on.)

Lina’s First Pair of Heels

(Your first pair of heels, and your first day wearing it on Feb 12, 2013.)

(You were so unsteady the first time you were wearing them and walking with it on. You walked two steps and wanted take it off right away. It is your first walker shoe with a hard sole :) My little Lina<3 is growing up. :tear:)