Saturday, February 23, 2013

Roti Time

(Lina<3, Ahh, the benefits of being married to a Trini --amazing curry chicken-with channa also  known as chickpeas, potatoes, and eggplant, also know as melongene or baigan.)
(Lots of work, but so worth it.)
(Lina<3 making the dahl puri roti. Pretty good with the rolling pin ^_^)

(Lina<3 realizes that making dahl puri really is hard work.)
(Getting some pointers on rolling out the dough. It is one of 18 dahl puri rotis.)
(Here is Lina<3 is wondering if there is a need to use both ends of the rolling pin.)

(Lina<3 pointing out that the rolling pin needs more flour in it.)

(Lina's<3 trying to take a shortcut with rolling out the dough. Who needs handles? lol)
(A job well done by our little Lina<3. Is the tawah ready Mommy?-said Lina<3)
(Okay, so it is not as round as it should be and that is because we are not using a tawah. But still Lina<3 would say that it is the best dahl puri ever!)
(Lina<3, relishing your dahl puri that you worked so hard making.)
(Lina<3 wonders where your curry chicken to go with the dahl puri.)
Lina<3, there is nothing like tearing into a dahl puri especially if it was made by you. Righ, Lina<3?)
(The next day, still enjoying your dahl puri roti rolled up with curry chicken and rice.)
(Lina's<3 curry chicken with your dahl puri roti. It was a big dahl puri roti and you finished it all.)

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