Saturday, February 23, 2013

Learning New Things...

Lina<3 at 14months, you are growing up so well. You are so simply adorable. You have learned a lot, and still have more to learn. Majority of the time, the only word that you are saying is "dada". But you do know how to say, bear, duck, mama, book, box, and ball (at least it sounds like ball, lol). The only time you say "mama" is when you wake up in the middle of night screaming and crying. 

A new thing you have learned is "maw-ah". Kisses from Lina<3 to Daddy and I. It is so cute. You go "maw-ah" and stick your lips towards us and kiss us.

We are learning the learning the letter "A". Mommy shows you how to write it with your crayon in your notepad (that you scribble on). Mommy says "A" repeatedly and sometimes you repeat after me. When you repeat after me, it sounds like "A" after a few tries but other times it just sounds like "ah".

Lina<3, you are also learning the concept of big and small. Mommy shows you big and small blocks, big and small balls, big and small Hello Kitty toys, big and small books; and big Mommy and small Lina<3. It gets repeated throughout the day during playtime. You have not understand it yet but you will with practice and repetition.

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