Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday Outing-Barnes and Nobles

Lina<3, you went to a bookstore yesterday.  We went to Barnes and Nobles and you had a ball. Mommy  usually order your books online, so this was such a nice experience for you. You got to socialized with the kids that were there. You walked around in the children's area, and picked up (pulled) every books that you could reach. The bigger the book, and the higher the shelf where the book is locate, the more like you were going to reach for it. You did not want the baby board books, you wanted to look at the older children's books with chapters, and with small words. Lina<3, you went up to kids, and stood next to them. Other children thought you were so adorable and cute. You talked loudly, and tried to follow other kids around, lol. There was a play table in the game area, and you played with some pieces of Lego. Mommy  let  you walked around where you wanted. There was bookshelf with some stuff animals that you tried to pull down, and put them all on the floor. Mommy tried to teach you that you have to put things back where they belong. Now getting you ready to leave was a little problematic as you did not want to leave. You had to be picked up, walked over the register, and purchased two board books :)

You enjoyed your new books :) Let's  hope that it stays in one peace and not be a victim of being chewed up, lol (like your other board books).

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