Sunday, February 3, 2013

Food Allergies

Lina<3, we have learn something new today. It is a known fact that you may have some allergic reactions to soy products according to your blood work. However, Mommy did not think you had any soy allergies due to the fact that you had not had any allergic reactions to your soy formula and to regular soy milk (organic). We learned that you can soy overload allergies (is that such a thing...). First noticed it with tofu (last week), and then with the soy sauce chicken. Each food was combined with your soy milk, which made it too much for your system. The tofu made your cheeks bright red, patchy, scaly and dry (eczema symptoms). Today the soy sauce chicken made you itchy, so when you used your hands (that touched the food) to scratched you hips and neck, it became red, had raised bumps. Although Mommy cleaned your hands after eating, it was not enough. After a nice bath in your tub filled with toys, applying hydrocortisone cream on hips and neck, you were less scratchy. Within a few hours, bumps were almost gone, and redness on cheeks became pink. I am so glad for that. There will no other combinations of soy products with the soy milk any more. Lesson well learned, right Lina<3?

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