Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sleep and Teething

Last night was terrible for you, Lina<3. Teething issue. Your bottom molars are swollen, and it was painful for you. Your top molars have peeked out already and that makes ten little teeth in your mouth. Nothing was able to help you sleep. Lina<3, you woke up at 11:40pm and stayed up til 2:11am.  Mommy had comforted you the best that Mommy could, by picking you up, rocking you, singing to you, and holding you. As soon as Mommy puts you down on the crib, you sleep for no more than ten minutes at a time for those two hours or so. Mommy could tell that you were tired. Mommy also tried giving you a bottle of milk but it did not help much. After two hours, you had tired yourself out and slept.

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