Friday, February 22, 2013

Mommy's Little Helper-Groceries

 As soon as the groceries are set on the floor, who comes, walking really fast, and excited? Lina<3 that is who :) You like to help Mommy with the groceries. In the beginning you would find one thing that looked interesting to you, take it, walked away with it and put it in your play area. Now you can pulls things out the groceries bags and hand it to Daddy or Mommy.
(This is the first time you helped Mommy with the groceries.)
(Oh, found the blueberries.)

(Lina<3  wondered if you should hand it to Mommy or not.)

(Lina<3 walked away with the blueberries.)
(Another day with helping Mommy with the groceries, Lina<3 was trying to see what is in the bags.)

(Lina<3 found something but it was hard to reach.)

(Lina<3 had decided that you needed both hands to reach for something in the bag.)
(Lina<3 got it and handed it to Daddy.)

(Daddy put it back in the bag, and Lina<3 was like "oh man, have to go get it!" and was very determined, lol.)

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