Friday, February 1, 2013

A 2012 Look Back with pictures

Mommy love to reflect. I thought this would be a good idea since I started this blog in July 2012. Mommy wanted to show off how cute and adorable my little Lina<3 is and still is.
December  2012
(Christmas 2012 family picture.)
(Waiting at the JFK airport arrivals)
(With Daddy at JFK airport.)
(You were caught red handed. So cute, Mommy tells you "no" and you just pick up the mats that you took apart and hand it to me.)
(You like to sleep with your bear bear, when you do sleep.)
(Lina<3 trying to read manga, lol you are too young.)
(Slow dancing with Daddy.)
(You were a little scratchy and fussy)
November 2012
(You takes little bits from an apple, so cute, and greedy too.)
(Eating a slice of apple.)
(Playing with Daddy.)
(You took off your hair clip and tried to put it back on your head. Do not worry, in this picture, you were not poking your eye but trying to place the hair clip on the top of your head.)
(Having an orange and some pulps got stuck on your face.)
(Cool "love to laugh" tee shirt.)
(Going on Daddy's shoulders.)
(Tried to run away from Daddy but Daddy caught you and embraced you in a tight hug.)
(Mommy sat on your play mate and you ran to Mommy's back and tried to straddled me with your legs for a piggy back ride.)
(Eating, always trying to stuff your mouth.)
(One of the few pictures, where you smiled at the camera.)
(Trying to tell Mommy something. Mommy wants to know what it is.)
(Awww.... you were trying to Mommy, you love Mommy with a big and tight hug.)
(Walking with the walker.)
(Refused to go to sleep. Crying.)
October 2012
(Playing with a ball.)
(Trying to sneak up on Mommy's old phone, when Mommy was not looking.)
(Morning Hair.)
(Rice Cracker.)
(Playing in your dome.)
(Oh so scratchy!)
September 2012
(Playing at PorPor's house.)
(Admiring yourself with our pretty red dress but the dress consist of acrylic material which we learned that it made you itchy.)
(Playing with a sensory ball.)
(Hmm, watermelon.)

August 2012
(In your car seat, relaxing.)

(Exploring the freezer.)

(Standing well.)
(Using your walker.)
(Cute little foot. Mommy does not like toes/feet, but Mommy loves your little piggies-as I like to call your toes.)
(Simply Adorable.)
(Who put Lina<3 in the box? lol Mommy put the lid on it too after putting you in the box. You did not cry at all.)
(Conversing with yourself.)
(Mommy put you in a standing position.)
July 2012
(Your ten little piggies-toes.)
(Crawling Around.)
(Jones Beach with your parents.)
(Helping Mommy with the laundry, all you did was crawled yourself over the clothes. Now you can bring a piece of clothing for Mommy to fold or just mess up the pile of the clothing that Mommy had fold. You like to fold sheets with Mommy because it is fun.)
June 2012
(Waiting for food. One of few pictures with a smile.)
(Shoulder time with Mommy.)
(Father's Day picture.)
(Learning to sit up with boppy pillow and body pillow.)
(When Mommy used to put you to sleep, your legs are always up in the air.)
(Daddy and I never like the pacifier but we brought two hoping that it could help you sleep. It did not really take at all and we are glad about that. Every once in a while you would suck on it for a little bit and spit it out.)
(It took a really long time for you to take a liking to the pacifier.)
(Playing with your wet hair, lol do not worry, Lina<3 we did not go outside like this.)
(Your first tee shirt.)
May 2012
(Rolling Over.)
(Cradle caps, it was terrible for months. Here's a home remedy that worked well for Lina<3 but you have to be patient with it and a few weeks.)
(Hanging out on Mommy's shin.)
(Playing in the car seat.)
(Bath book:Rainbow Fish. It is your favorite book and one of the first books Mommy brought for you.)
(Having some water.)
(Grabbing your toes.)
(Playing on the couch.)
(Your cute little hand.)
(Having fun with Mommy.)
(So Cute!)
(My little Lina<3)
April 2012
(Learning to sit upright.)
(You look so Chinese, so cute.)
(Daddy put you in the laundry basket.)
(Giggling. It was so cute.)
(Giggle some more!)
(Getting ready to go out.)
(One of your books. Now it is all chewed up, lol.)
(Bundled up!)
(Getting too big for the bassinet)
(Reading "Rainbow Fish")
March 2012
(Your first dress.)
(Going out for a walk.)
(Look where Daddy put you.)
February 2012
(Sleeping during the day and not at night time.)
(Sleeping beauty.)
(Activity gym-look how small you are underneath there, which you never like the position. Now it is being used as table and seat.)
(Sleepy head.)
(Cutie pie.)
January 2012
(Daddy's girl.)
(Swaddled and sleeping on Daddy's shoulders.)
(Hanging upside yoga? not at all, just fun.)
(baby Lina<3.)
(When you sleep, your arms were always up in the air, lol.)
(Sleeping, that's all you seem to do.)
(Sleeping more...)
(In your co-sleeper on top on Mommy's bed.)
December  2011
(Full and satisfied after a feeding.)
(Sleeping in your bouncer chair.)
(First Christmas.)
(Christmas outfit.)
(Christmas tree.)
(Christmas Family picture.)
(Your hands just ended up in that position, so cute.)
(Daddy kissing your little hand.)
(Taking out your first diaper genie trash bag after a a couple of days of being home from the hospital.)
(Admiring you sleep.)
(Family time.)
(Going home from the hospital.)
(Going home from hospital.)

(newborn  you with Daddy.)
November 2011
(My baby, a few minutes old. I remember it like it was yesterday. Mommy can not imagine that it has been over a year already.)
(First time holding Lina<3)
Lina<3, Mommy hopes that you enjoy these pictures and of course, we have more pictures for our eyes only. Mommy could not help but choose this much pictures, because once I got started, it was hard to stop. Mommy loved looking at those pictures and remember each moment. It is still amazes me how fast you have grown, and how much you had learn and still have a world for you to explore. Mommy looks forward to helping you explore as you grow. Mommy loves you very much.

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