Thursday, February 7, 2013


Lately Lina<3, you have been eating well. I am glad about that. Mommy hopes that you continue to like all the foods that Mommy makes for you. Mommy made turkey, vegetable lasagna for you yesterday and so far you like it. It is not your typical lasagna with tomato sauce, and cheese in it. It has specific preparations for my little Lina since you do have allergies. There are not tomatoes and cheese in it since you have allergies to tomatoes (at least tomato sauce which makes you itchy and cheese, we have not tried because you are allergic to cow's milk and yogurt).

I got the idea about how to make no tomato sauce from the Scratch Me Not blog (thank you very much!). Mommy did not follow the exact recipe but make it my own.

turkey, vegetable lasagna: (using a small pan)
not your typical tomato sauce (could use more seasoning if preferred)
     two large red bell peppers minced
    1 smalll onion
    3 glove of garlic
    extra virgin olive oil
    and some water (as much as you want depending how liquidity you want to make the sauce)
             Saute all the ingredients until it is well cooked and blended in a blender for smoothness.

for the vegetables: (use froze organic vegetable, if it is easier (like I did) and as much vegetable blend as wanted)
     green beans
             Streamed all vegetables together, and put into a blender or food processors for the consistency that is preferred.
for the turkey:
     turkey breast (Mommy prefers to chop it up myself since I do not own a meat grinder) or ground turkey
     garlic grated
     onion grated
     cumin powder
    black pepper
            Put all ingredients together and mixed well. Cooked in pan with extra virgin olive oil until it done.
for the lasagna:
    cooked pasta according to the package.
    If using a smaller baking pan, layer the lasagna first on the bottom of pan, turkey, sauce, lasagna again, vegetable, sauce, and last layer of lasagna. Bake at 350 F for 15minutes or until done. Make sure to chopped up the pasta for toddler, if needed.

It is really simple to make, just need a lot of preparation time, and cooking.

Please note that if there are any concerns about the ingredients, should ask a professional (doctor) before starting any solids for baby.

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