Saturday, February 2, 2013

Playful Day

Lina<3, it has been two good days. You were very good and continuing to be good as the day ended.

On Friday, you woke up a little fussy, but had a great day playing with Mommy. You were played well by yourself. Then you helped Mommy work on your blog on the computer...well can I really say help, lol because you created more of a mess than helping. You grabbed everything within reach of the computer on the table. There was no satisfaction with the playing with the extra keyboard and mouse that laid in front of you. When things were not in your reach, you climbed on top of the table to try and get it. Mommy tolerated it because you were not fussy, or struggling too much and you were just exploring. When we were done working on your blog, Mommy chased you around and watched you laugh, smile and giggle. You ate all your food during breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner time. When Daddy came home, you enjoyed his company before heading off to bed.

Today was a good day as well, because you were not fussy or scratchy at all. You had both your parents' attention. When Mommy was busy or sleeping in late (which happened this morning), Daddy took good care of you and played with you. And when Daddy's busy, Mommy played with you, chased you, toss you around. Although you did not eat much for lunch and dinner, you were not fussy about it and throwing tantrum like you would do at times.

I enjoy days like this because it shows Mommy that you are having a good day and nothing was bothering you. When you are fussy and Mommy is unable to help, it troubles Mommy and I am sure that it frustrates you as well. I enjoy the fussy days as well because it is another day, and memory with my little Lina<3.

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