Monday, February 25, 2013

No More Breastmilk

I know  Lina<3, Mommy said that you will be breastfed for as long as you want it. It was becoming easier to breastfeed you less and less, as you are consuming more during the day, and does not need to be nursed constantly. Last month, we started to ween you off Mommy's breast. It started during the daytime. We went from three nursing to two nursing to one and then to none during the daytime. The process was gradual, you even stopped reaching inside Mommy's shirt for breast milk. Once the daytime nursing stopped, we gradually stopped the nighttime nursing as well. The nighttime nursing were the hardest. It came down to just one nighttime nursing that was always in the middle of the night. The nursing at night was the only thing that would calm you down from waking up screaming, and crying. It has been two weeks since I last nursed you at night, and so far so good. There were only two nights where Mommy gave you a bottle of milk when nothing worked to calmed you down. The thing that has helped within these last two weeks was that you were taking antihistamine (as prescribed by the doctor) at bedtime, and it has helped you sleep through the night, without waking up and nursing. Now you are no longer being breastfed. Sometimes at nighttime you would wake up and Mommy would rocked you on the rocking chair (where Mommy does the nighttime nursing), you would reach for Mommy's shirt for milk but a gentle removal of your hand, "no", and a song or two, you were fine.

I do miss breastfeeding you. There is a certain closeness that cannot be describe in words but only a mother would know. Mommy loves to breastfeed you. It was hard in the beginning, but it got better. Then you started to have teeth and bite, which made it harder to continue breastfeeding after you turned one years old. The end of breastfeeding means the start of something great for your palate with all the wonderful and delicious dishes that Daddy and I make for you. So my little baby Lina<3, do not miss Mommy's breast milk too much, as you will have many more things to look forward to.

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