Friday, February 22, 2013

Taking A Stroll

When it was nice outside, we took a walk outside and you enjoyed it so much. Lina<3, since you started walking, you have not really walked outside. In the picture below (taken Jan 31, 2013), you walked to the corner of the block. You refused to hold Mommy's hand, but I held onto you so you could understand how important it is to hold hands when walking outside. It was a little chilly and windy outside so it made you grasp, and sticked out your tongue, lol. When it was time to walk back home, you fought with me, refused to turn back around, and let Mommy's hand go. I ended up picking you up, and headed toward home. After a few minutes when you calmed down, Mommy put you down and walked with you the rest of the way. Mommy hopes to do this more often :)

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